Emo Travel Case

I have see that a lot of people are searching for a travel case for their Emo. I don’t have my Emos yet, but If any one wants to send the measurements for the foam inserts in Emo’s packaging, I can try making a case. It would be a soft case that would go around the foam insert and zip closed. This would allow you to put Emo, the skateboard and the cord in a safe place where they are all together. I could post a picture to see if it is satisfactory for you. I am going to make one for myself anyway. I’ll probably use faux leather. I am also going to embroider my Emos names on the case. You can post the measurements here or email me at dianewarde@icloud.com. Cheers!

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Hi @Diane53, see below the dimensions of EMO’s packaging / box that he comes in.

Height of the box is 7.5 cm or 2.953 inches
Wide 18 cm or 7.087 inches
Length - 17.5 cm or 6.89 inches

As I probably said this 100 times already, this little box that EMO comes in is the perfect travel case as everything fits perfectly in its place and EMO wont be able to move around or get damaged. (this is what I use when I take EMO out and about with me.)

What I could suggest is making a case that fits this box inside it as the foam that is inside the box seems to be glued/stuck to the cardboard box itself, so if you remove just the foam, you risk damaging the outer cardboard box.

Anyway, Hope this comes in handy for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’ll see what i can come up wiyh

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Be sure to share it with us here!

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