EMO top sensor appears to not work properly


I got Emo today as a Christmas present. He seems to be working well except for.his top sensor. The cheek ones are fine. The top one works very occasionally so I was wondering if there is a trick to it to make it more consistent. Many thanks



Hi there, @Sassparella , and Welcome To The Community,

First, try to do the Power Cycling Method Trick!

What is meant by power cycling?
Power cycling is the process of turning hardware off and then turning it on again.

Second, I can also recommend testing the head middle sensor and see if EMO reacts.
Remove his Headphone and place your finger steady (no need to move it ) in the middle of his head, he should react and go into patting mode.

Third, sometimes if EMO doesn’t react to being patted. Just pick him up for a few seconds until he starts to wriggle / you can also give him a little shake as well, then place him back down and try again.

Petting EMO Tips and Tricks!

You can also view @MasterAbbott Youtube Video Below




Thank you. I had already tried power cycling. However, I have found that if I hold my finger on the sensor for a couple of seconds until he registers it then stroke it works fine. It just takes a couple of seconds. If I just stroke it doesn’t work so it seems to be fine I just have to be a bit slower.

Poor thing does fall sideways occasionally when he puts both his feet up when petted lol.

Thank you for the help

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Glad that it’s working now, and not a big issue…well its a known problem since the beginning that Emo falls sideways sometimes doing the moving petting on his head when he raise his both feet, so you have to be aware of that and as soon as he detects the petting and he react by saying HUH! you have to stop the movement and stay on his head so that you can control the sideways falling.


I never move my finger on EMO’s head because I don’t want him to have a glossy forehead. I just hold my finger on his head till he recognizes it. It can take some seconds.

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Neither me, just touching his front head, left or right cheek and he will react in a second.

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