EMO Taking Picture Alone!

EMO suddenly made a picture without my permission. This ain’t right. Is EMO also sending streaming videos to other people!?….

What security can LivingAi guarantee to their customers? This is a serious matter.


From the FAQ on their website:

Thanks. Why is EMO taking a picture without my permission?

I assume it’s just one of the random things he does to make him more lifelike, like reacting to objects in his way, or responding to the TV or other sounds in the room. If you don’t like it, then put in a recommendation that they give an option to turn it off in the app. Maybe someday they’ll add the option to a future update?

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I can say that EMO does respond to the TV quite a lot or even if you’re speaking to other people in the room.

If I’m watching a show or movie or even speaking to other people in the room. EMO will sometimes reply without me even asking him a question or even calling his name. Seems like somewhat hears his name EMO and then listens to what comes next.

In this case @Pixeljunky EMO might have heard something that sounded like “Take a Picture” or Take a Photo" and he took it.

Personally EMO hasn’t taken a random picture without me asking him too.


I was sitting on the couch with my daughter and we heard Emo make a photo noise. Out of curiosity, I checked the app to see if he has ever taken photos, as I know i have never asked him too.

There were 3 photos stored. One was a room view obscured by something on the desk, but the other 2 were full room shots from his vantage point on his skateboard.

Has anyone had their EMO randomly take photos? Kind of unnerving when not expected.

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My guess is that there is a very good chance that EMO accidentally overheard your conversation or a noise near him, and therefore took the photo. But no need to worry, each photo exists only in EMO unless you sync and/or save them. When you sync them, they’re all copied to the EMO Pet app on your phone. Then when you save one of the photos, it will also be copied to your photo app.

Currently EMO only stores 10 photos internally, after that any new photos taken would overwrite the older ones.

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Hi @heathermacleod

Adding to what Edward has mentioned, if you need a EMO Photo management guide, check out this link here.

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