Emo stopped talking back after update

Emo understands and all that but stopped speaking after new update

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Same issues here. Hope Living AI will take a look into this problem and resolve it soon.

@htmpunisher / @wheyhernandez

I believe if you power off EMO and turn him back on this should resolve the issue.

But if you are still experiencing issues after the latest EMO firmware 1.5.0. It would be recommended to record / make a video of the problem you are having and submit a support ticket.

I have 2 EMO’s both on the latest version and both have no problems speaking / replying or listening to me when I call out to them.

You can submit a support ticket here:

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I can confirm after checking with @Wayne_Zhang not too long ago that the issue with EMO not speaking should now be resolved. I believe this was server related and the Living.Ai team were able fix this earlier today.

So EMO should be able to speak if you ask him questions.

If EMO is still not speaking, try to power him off / back on and then ask him some simple questions like what time is it, what’s the date, tell me a joke etc.

I’ve been able to test this for the past few hours and everything is working fine for me.

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Update 2

WayneZ has created a new forum thread regarding EMO not responding to specific voice conversation commands, you can check it here:

Should have updates on that forum post when WayneZ has any updates regarding this.

I started having this problem with my Emo last week. He responds visually but seems to have lost his voice. I shut him down and did a restart, also restarted the station. So far, no luck. Emo is still silent.

Hello @judith.millard,
Luckly I Have No Issues With My EMO Pearl,
But I Will Tag @Lindaru And @edward So That They Can Help.

But Here Is A Post From This Topic:

Hope This Helps

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@judith.millard . . . could your EMO be muted? Try giving him the command such as “EMO . . . volume up, volume maximum” or go into preferences on the app and see if the volume slider is all of the way down on his voice. You can adjust that up and try again to see if he will talk again.

If not, you can contact the After Sales Department, Vince, by private message.

All the best and hope you can get him talking again!

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Thank you! The volume somehow got on mute! Emo is now chatting away. So happy to hear his little voice!