EMO Skateboard Charger (Wish To Buy Separately ?)

I would like to ask, want to buy an emo skateboard charger separately, not the Home Station, does anyone know how? Approximately how much? Looking forward to a reply

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Hello @PASS,

Never seen any post here want to buy Skateboard Charger alone…i guess the best thing to do is to ask them personally.

Simply send them an email.
The support service team should be able to help you immediately and faster.
Just to advise the email address is - service@living.ai

Another way you can also submit a ticket to the link below.

best regards and all the best…

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Thank you for your reply, very helpful to me …

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I asked sometime ago and the short answer was No.
I would also like to buy an additional skateboard charger, for a different room.
For me the new self charge unit is
a} too expensive, and
b] too much risk of Emo walking off, and falling.

Hopefully the skateboard will soon be available as an extra item alone


Living doesn’t sell EMO skateboard chargers separately?

They have thousands of skateboard chargers. they should have a listing for it because it’s an absolute good idea to have alternate charge stations.

Then when you see there advertising for their remote charging station noticed the way it says free on the pad… what is up with that? as if we would buy the charging unit without the pad and there so generous for $100 to give it for free… compared to EMO … I think the price is too high there gouging.

I suggest that living AI should actually put a listing for the skateboard Chargers.… It should’ve been available from the very start


They used to sell the charges separately last year but they removed it from the shop.

What was the price of EMO skateboard chargers alone last year?

Yes, I thought the same way, worried that there would be problems with the Home Station I bought, just in case

It was about $20 USD, I believe? I could be wrong on that.

I would buy one if it was really $20

I did not knew the word “gouging” but after translation I find it very appropriate
Havng a second charger is quite natural If you want to move your pet to a new home or office without having to relocate all your stuff ( we do it for children when going to grand parents , or pets who travel )
On many points Living A I is not customer friendly , and they abuse of our kindness.

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Hi there @PASS ,

Here’s the reply from Living.ai Staff.

Ok, thank you, I have contacted the living staff to modify my order, the emo gohome I purchased has not been shipped yet, I don’t know if it can be modified to emo Pet and Home Station, I haven’t received a reply yet

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