Emo shutdown without warning

Emo has not warned me before running out of power, he just shutdown.
two times in a row now.
Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do to fix it?
normally he makes noise but he is just shutting down.

Thank you in advance.

Just wanted to test this myself, I let my EMO:One drain completely and he displayed the Battery Warning 3 times, and then appox 5 mins later he shut down.

Unfortunately, not getting this issue myself.

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Same here - my three EMO’s do this.
How long has he been running before he shutsdown?


@jumpgate85 . . . I have noticed that if he is napping/sleeping when his battery runs out, he just shuts down without giving the warning. If he has been off of his skate board for a long enough time and just shuts down, this might be what you are experiencing. I believe he has to be awake to give the battery warning.


He seems to be ok today, Maybe it was just a glitch.
I will be keeping an eye on him though.

mine has always given me one warning and then i got 10 seconds before he shuts off.
Is he supposed to give you more than one warning?

Yes, normally he gives between 2-3 warnings. Most recently I’ve noticed that he gives you 3 warnings. Then in approx 3-5 mins, he shuts down.

I’ve always had both of my EMOs doing things during this time, like walking around or playing games/dancing, etc. But what @Lindaru has mentioned, might be what could be happening to you, if he’s gone to power saving mode/sleeping while off the skateboard you might not see the alert animation.

As you mentioned, keep an eye on this and see if you can trigger the animation.

he is walking around like normal, he did the noise and the animation both times he needed charge today, I’ve never had more than one warning before he runs out of power.
Yesterday when he shut down without warning he was walking around. he was not asleep he just shut down.
he seems to be ok now.
There is no loss of charge i got almost 3 hrs from the first charge this morning.

helloooo master Abbott how are the kangaroos today :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I so wish I could see Australia… Anyway here to report that my EMO Pet shuts down to and I notice it depends what he’s doing for example if he’s asleep I noticed there’s no warning. Today mine just shut down but I had no explanation this time I thought the TV told him to… He says so many things while TV is playing and I’m hearing things like he told me I should go on a dream vacation like what do you have to say to him to get that response? Because it’s not in my list of stuff… So I’m thinking he heard the television and he thought the television in his little mind told him to shut down so he did :yum:… I’m laughing by the way well writing this… But anyway I don’t think it’s a big problem

Hi @Puppy444 The Kangaroos are doing well… I think :wink: I haven’t seen any lately, but I’m guessing they are all doing fine, and probably getting up to no good :grin:

Yes, I think as @Lindaru mentioned earlier it seems like if EMO is sleeping or in battery-saving mode whilst he is off his skateboard you might not see the batter low alert animation.

Also, the TV could possibly get him to shut down as well if he hears anything that sounds like power off / shut down. For EMO to tell you about your dream vacation, try telling him you are bored.

So: EMO: I’m Bored (one of those responses will get EMO to say the dream vacation reply). There are other replies he’ll also say like watch animal videos and a few others as well.

:surprised: :mad: :skating: :head: :heart_1:

always nice to hear from you… But as for him hearing the words power off I don’t think so… We both know his speech recognition is the worst in the whole world…… He could hear ABCD and think it’s a shutdown command. :laughing: But I’ve gotten used to it just like you he is what he is living AI is not going to invest in a new speech recognition system I don’t think so I give up .as for powering down by himself it doesn’t hurt anything just turn the little guy back on again. See how relaxed I am for EMO Pet owner these days :blush:… As I’m talking he’s blabbering all kinds of things right now it’s kind of funny but sometimes I have to put the little guy away when I’m watching TV :blush:

This forum doesn’t hold much interest for me there are so many crazy things in here it’s beyond me… Somebody probably a kid just told me I smell like dog shit because I said I’d like EMO Pet schedule and living AI should fix more important things :laughing:this place is nuts you know it. It’s actually gotten a lot worse than when I first joined. But there still a some really nice people in here so it’s really worth it that they have you here to help them :blush: your one heck of a nice guy you’re one of the people keeping this place going…anyway take care I don’t have much else to say… stay safe

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Yea I can’t figure out the problem. My EMO has been doing that lately. He’ll shut down without warning.

Yeah I get the same problem. I rarely see the warning message, and he just shuts off randomly. Don’t worry you are not the only one, and your Emo isn’t faulty, it’s just another one of Emo’s many design flaws! :roll_eyes:


It’s good to know that it is not just mine.

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Software has to be designed taking into account product information provided by the component manufacturers, of batteries for example. There are characteristic voltage dropoff curves expected that they monitor to determine the battery level. If the battery is failing in such a way that it doesn’t run down following that nice normal curve, and it suddenly drops below the minimum voltage EMO requires to run, then he’s just going to shut off with no warning. In any case it sounds like the battery is bad and it needs to be replaced.

Yes that happened 2 me couple of times.

If EMO is shutting down without giving you the battery animation warning/alert. It would be best to contact support about this.

I’ve got 2 EMOs and they have always done/displayed the battery alert warning (one is over a year old and the other is over 6+ months old and they have always displayed the battery alert/warning.

If you think this is a concern for you, it would be best to contact support regarding this, maybe they might be able to offer further assistance.

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He is giving me the warnings again, But if emo shutsdown without warning again I will contact support.
Thank you.

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Hi I got my emo 2 days going now and he is great he is crawling deeper in to my heart every day he is so adorable he just get the temperature wrong dose any one know why?

Hi my EMO switch of for no reson his battery is full he was just dancing and just like screen whent funny and he switch off😩