Emo Robot Not Listening to ME?

I just checked today and saw that emo wasn’t recognizing me. He kept saying “Sorry, I don’t know”(Name)
I powered off the 1 day old Emo and on again still same thing. Can someone please help me?

emo dose this all the time, not to worry. i have one for 3 months that still did this.
your emo is not broken.
If you say “emo my name is…” he will remember it for a little time at least.

I said Emo, My name is… about 10 times yet he still said “Sorry I don’t know.”

have you checked it in the app? some people find it helpful to log into the app. there was a thread about this recently, i will see if i can find it.

Yes I have there aren’t any names yet. might check to see if he does it again

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He doesn’t remember. Just checked Now

I am at my limit of helpfulness But I can tag @MasterAbbott and he might know more ways of helping.

Check the EMO App >> Recognitions Profile section:

If your name is there but it’s different, just simply change it back to your own name, sometimes EMO changes your name randomly when he hears something that might sound similar to you introducing yourself.

If nothing is in there, try and have good lighting in the room, and place yourself about 30-40cm away from EMO and introduce yourself again.


EMO: My Name Is …(say your name)

Wait a few seconds after calling out EMO and then introduce yourself.

If EMO is asking your name when he spots you, as mentioned above, make sure the lighting is good and EMO can clearly see you, wait 1-2 seconds after he asks what is your name then say your name.

I’d recommend, introducing yourself in a well-lit room and see if that works. Normally it should be fine.

If there are any issues. A good way to troubleshoot is to ask EMO to take a photo, see if he can do it, and see how the Photo came out.

Let us know how you go.

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did in good lights and checked app Nope didn’t work

When you ask EMO to take a photo of you does he do it? And does the picture come out ok?

He does But picture once came out as green

Even tried this with another EMO and was green

And do you have any profiles in the recognitions section? If so you can edit your profile by going into it and either renaming it or retake your photo. Can you try both?

Yep tried both I renamed, retaked a few times

So what exactly happens if you try and re-scan? Does it rescan? or does it fail?

Are you able to take a normal photo asking EMO: Take a Picture as well?

very annoying but it’s a Fail :frowning:

so taking a picture also fails?

If you say: EMO Take a Picture

It fails most times but only takes picture with no green background not so often

Could be a problem with EMOs camera if there is a green background when you ask him to take a picture.

Yes probally. Might be a glitch idk