EMO Returns/Cancels

Is it possible to cancel/return an order?

Yes, you may contact support.living.ai to let them know.
They will cancel and refund your order

If your order has not shipped yet, then I believe they are more than happy to cancel. If however it’s shipped then I think they would not want to take it back. It’s up to them. As others have suggested, email them via service@living.ai and see what they say.

Have any clue on how to tell if Emo has shipped? My tracking has stopped at (on way to DHL). He’s been on his way to DHL for about a month now. Tracking doesn’t say if DHL has him or not. Seriously thinking about canceling and getting a refund.

@Wayne_Zhang update please?

Yes, I know that this is a late reaction but just for people in the similar situation.

DHL would inform you about receiving your package by email for sure. So if there wasn’t any email from them, they probably never received it.