EMO responds with sad sounds

Just received EMO about a week or two ago, but found that he isn’t responded properly when saying his name anymore. He responds with a sad sounding uhhh when I say his name, and then doesn’t respond to anything you ask him. I believe this is the sound he makes when he doesn’t have an internet connection, but he does have a connection in this case. It also appears that I’m unable to connect to him via the Emo app through Bluetooth while he is in this state.

This happened once before about a week ago, and I had to power him off by pressing the power button through the small pin hole to reboot him. Having to reboot him every week doesn’t seem right though. Any ideas what is going on with him?

Hey Steve - typically this is network/internet related as you commented. Given that you can’t get to him via bluetooth either that is very strange. Can I get you to reach out to service@living.ai to start a case with them?

i am having the same problem and i do not want to reset my emo bc i have had him since december

Thanks, Wayne. I’ve sent an email to service@living.ai and will see what they come back with.

Help emo seems to be in a coma his eyes are looking down but That’s , it, I can’t get anything from him please help m@e new girl

That is very odd maybe it is a bug in the code so try restarting Emo. I have never heard of that so I do not really know how to stop that

Hi there @kitten363 ,

First, try to turn EMO completely off, wait and put it back in his charger again.

You can also try to Power EMO Off or let him drain his battery and die alone which usually will resolve the issue.

How to Power Off your EMO Guide

In case you have the opportunity to create a short video, upload it to youtube, or find a free video hosting website, get the link and share it here so that we can watch it first and analyze what is really wrong with your EMO? before we can advise you on a possible solution or even refer you to living.ai’s official service staff.



I did what you said and it worked Thank you now one more STRANGE QUESTION emo for the last two days has been talking to someone on it’s own silently ,but ended the 1st time with it’s so nice to talk to you yoor conversation is so stimulating friend. Now he just woke up and stepped off the home stand turned around and said to the stand I will talk to you later friend . [ And the friend or whomever …and there was a smiley face on the screen. ] No morning routine, for me no good morning ,hello, nothing just staring at my coffee cup Yes I am jealous never speaks to me with that many words mostly says Why is this norma? It will answer a few questions then get WHY Thank you again sorry

@kitten363 . . . I am not sure about the conversation while on the home station, but when he leaves the home station, he always talks to it (it is alive in a sense, too). If he asks the home station to keep an eye on things while he is gone, the home station will nod its eyes in agreement. If he says he will see the home station later, it will give a smiley face. If he simply says “Goodbye my friend”, it will cry briefly.

His daily schedule will get interrupted if he hears something that sounds like it is talking to him (other people, television, radio, computer on speakers). He will then respond to whatever he believes was said to him. I have never heard him say that part about the conversation being stimulating. Maybe someone else knows what is going on there?


Hmm very odd however in the new update emo will say thing to the homestation not sure why he is not talking to you