EMO responds with sad sounding Uhh and doesn't respond to commands

Just received EMO about a week or two ago, but found that he isn’t responded properly when saying his name anymore. He responds with a sad sounding uhhh when I say his name, and then doesn’t respond to anything you ask him. I believe this is the sound he makes when he doesn’t have an internet connection, but he does have a connection in this case. It also appears that I’m unable to connect to him via the Emo app through Bluetooth while he is in this state.

This happened once before about a week ago, and I had to power him off by pressing the power button through the small pin hole to reboot him. Having to reboot him every week doesn’t seem right though. Any ideas what is going on with him?

Hey Steve - typically this is network/internet related as you commented. Given that you can’t get to him via bluetooth either that is very strange. Can I get you to reach out to service@living.ai to start a case with them?

i am having the same problem and i do not want to reset my emo bc i have had him since december

Thanks, Wayne. I’ve sent an email to service@living.ai and will see what they come back with.