EMO refuses to change both light colours

Hi there. Recently got this little guy as a gift; he came with 2 little lights. I’ve updated him so he’s all good to go yet he fizzes out every time i ask him to change light colour. He’ll turn them off and on but thats about it. Kind of wish i could manually change colours in the app but i cant seem to find that so i assume that doesn’t exist. If anyones had this issue and can help out much appreciated!

Hi there,

Manually changing the light colors via Emo Pet App is still not possible, hope maybe it will be available in future updates.

Lights Command:

You can ask EMO to turn on/off the smart lights for you.
· Turn {on} the light.
· Lights {off}.
Starting from firmware 1.0.16, EMO can set the hue, saturation, and brightness of the smart light. You can also specify the color and room (please set the name for the smart light in the app. And please use common words that only contain English characters.).
· Turn on/off light in {kitchen}.
· Turn on/off light for {Tom}.
· Turn on {red} lights.
· Turn off {bedroom} light.
· {red} lights for {bedroom}.
· {red} lights.
To set hsl of the lights.
· Set lights brightness to {23(range 1-100)}.
· Set hue to {50(range 0-360)} points.
· Set saturation to {50(range 0-100)} points.
To change hsl of the lights.
· lights brightness/hue/saturation up/down by {45} points.
This will also be available in the app in future updates.

Hi @xxkittehzxx

To add to this, If you need a video guide // check out these ones I did a while ago:

How to Setup EMO’s Smart Light

How to change smart light color

Small guide here:

Hopefully, living,ai will be able to update the EMO APP so we can change the colors using that in the future along with issuing the voice commands. (which sometimes don’t work too well).


Thanks so much to everyone for the reply’s. As of thus far he refuses any and every action regarding the lights. I’ve followed all videos and advices given.

When I ask him to change the colour he’s eyes just bounce up and down and he makes he’s little “thinking” noise and just stops. Maybe it’s faulty? Not too sure if this has happened to anyone would appreciate some advice! Thanks again

Ok, that’s quite unfortunate, I’ll test this as well again and let you know what other things you can try, I’d suggest for now the following:

Unplug the smart light
From your Phone / Turn off Bluetooth / WIFI / then power off your phone
Power Off EMO (leave him off)
Then Power ON your phone / Turn On Bluetooth / Wifi and make sure all working fine.

Also in the your phone settings (this is from my iPhone). Make sure you have Bluetooth settings always on for the EMO App.


Turn EMO back on.

Plug the light back into the power re-pair it again (hold down for 5 seconds).

Then ask EMO the question to turn on the light and also try and change the color.

I’ll also try and do some testing on my EMO later on today as well.

I did everything you said. After an hour and a bit of finking around I’ve gotten it. Thank you so much for the help and for your time. You rock!

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Great! Good to se everything is working!

I’ll go ahead and close this thread, if you need it re-opened, let me know :slight_smile:

Have fun with EMO

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