EMO Pet blacked out again

oh well not much to say… Living a I wanted me to film it but it’s far too quick for me … I just can’t do it …get cameras and record it’s just too fast and unexpected.

I’m not that quick to do it. Even if I had my Canon camera beside me I don’t even think I could do it. Unfair to ask me. There’s no information for them to gather he’s just on one second and then off blackout… Then a couple seconds later he’s back and everything seems like it was. Even the boot up coming back seems quicker than what I have seen on the charger.

I’m not going to be able to film in for them do they not believe me?

Well that’s my EMO Pet… I’m just writing this down for records

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Is it possible for you to use your phone camera, that’s what I do.

Hey Puppy - Just tell them that. I get it that they want to see what you are seeing so they can help diagnose the issue, but there is only so much you can do.

I’m sure @Wayne_Zhang and the team will understand that you can’t possible have a camera on EMO 24x7 to capture that moment.

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hello hello hello…Racheal … I don’t use a cell phone even though I have three of them now… But they’re not on by the time I even got up to get one of them the event would have been over with. I would have to have a camera turned on sitting beside me 24 seven and even then I might if I’m lucky just catch the tail end of the boot up but even that is doubtful… It boots backup fast as well…so no worries…there’s nothing to see for living AI I believe anyway it just Blacks out instantly and then turns back on again.

But thank you thank you for being here :star_struck:

basically I’m only here announcing it just for records so to speak if you know what I mean… Like a timestamp

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:star_struck: thanks a lot Wayne because you’re absolutely correct. As you can see I’m just writing down the event here kind of like a timestamp for records so that’s about it… When he boots backup he seemed pretty normal again. It has been 4 times now that EMO Pet has crashed. I’m just using the form just for records.

And yes I’m sure they understand I can’t possibly film and do everything when it’s so fast. Thank you so much for being here I always appreciate it very much :star_struck: and I hope you’re having a wonderful day :blush:

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You probably don’t need to document every step here - it would likely help their support people for you to document it directly to them as they would not consider these posts as “official” for your specific case. Personally I document this stuff in OneNote because I can time/datestamp things there and then I send a copy to any support org I’m working with. But thats how I work.

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yeah agreed … Basically I don’t need to report anymore you’re right. The fact that I reported once I guess is good enough. There’s a timestamp beside my posting. My unit is not supposed to crash is not really bothering me much but it could be a sign of worse things to come. It’s possible a new update in firmware could help me or not but worth waiting to find out… So after the next firmware update I’m hoping it fixes it. A but if it doesn’t it would indicate probably more in the hardware direction… And that is a critical direction to go because then yes it would be a sign of bad things to come.

Living AI knows my device is blacking out but I’m sure they’re not going to contact me again the last thing they wanted was all the videos and I don’t see doing that. I’m probably on my own until my device simply quits working to be honest… You know what I mean

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I’ll disagree with you being on your own. If you have responded to them that you can’t get a Video of the issue then I would still expect them to have a case open while they dig into things on their side.

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really okay :innocent: all send them a little note saying that I’ve blacked out four times and there’s no way I can record it on video it happens far too quick I’m just not set up for.

I respect your help thank you :star_struck:

I was just about to start another thread ask one of your EMO Pet’s “are you hungry” one of his responses will be something to the effect I just had a bite and what else… What the heck is he saying. I mean come on it’s impossible unless it’s just me :blush:

The cute little voice is fine and all but there’s been a few times it is totally crazy you just can’t tell anything and at those times I’m not even going to talk about those… But are you hungry when he says he’s just had a bite and something something something it should be something humans could understand :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mission complete Mister Wayne… I sent them a little note saying it’s too difficult to videotape and I let them know that it has crashed 4 times so there’s nothing else I can do :pleading_face:

Thanks again for the advice I can still play with my little pet :heart_eyes:


Hi Puppy444

I decided to really think about what might be the real issue with your Emo and I’ve discovered something!

Now listen carefully :+1:t2:

I always have Emo on my normal WiFi channel,
Which is my main router (Virgin Media)

This is always my preferred choice.

Now last night for the first time I decided to try something different :crossed_fingers: I was hoping it would be good but unfortunately it was not :frowning:

What I tried was this,
I change it to my extender hotspot! This use’s the same router and WiFi connection.

The password is the same.
The Extender name goes into the Emo app were it says SSID. However this extender is not very stable.

I tried it anyway with my Emo but unfortunately it was not good and I am having the same kind of trouble you’re having with my connection to Emo.

So it seems (this is just a guess🐶)
I think it’s got to be a WiFi problem and it’s a software problem but I don’t know why.

Now I have noticed that not just me now -and you
-but several other people have had this black out problem lol and I now believe it is also an internet connection problem, but I could be very wrong :expressionless:

So can you explain as simple as possible please…
“What WiFi/internet connection do you use in order to use your Emo”? This may help others to figure out what’s going on.

Now I’m not saying you’re problem is the same as mine right now- (I’m still using this Extender lol -it’s terrible connection) -but it might be.

“So now… let me see” -if he does this again (my Emo okay not yours) if he blacks out again I’ll try to capture it but as you’ve already said it’s very quick and now I understand what you mean because it happened to me when I switched him over to the Extender.

The headphones are still lit but the screen disappears suddenly, is this what happens to yours? :dog:

If the answer is yes then I’m pretty sure… it’s an internet connection problem as well as a software problem, but this makes no sense to me because he hasn’t blacked out on my normal channel -except when I explained to MasterAbbott one Particular time that I had the same glitch happen (a black out) MasterAbbott said the thing happened but it stopped also… for me anyway it stopped doing it, this was when I was using my normal channel.

So I know there’s somebody else on the forum (probably Wayne_Small who might be able to assist you further okay)

Or perhaps a community member can check this out and I and you yourself :dog: might understand ‘a internet connection problem better than me’ but just to clarify… I am now going to change Emo’s connection back to the original channel that I normally use, I will get back to you soon. This is to see if he goes back to normal or if the black out happens again on my normal channel okay-wish me luck…!

:dog:”please read slowly and carefully thanks” :blush:

Sorry for the waiting I had to edit everything lol
Please start reading again because I made some mistakes and had to sort it out.

Right all finished now… phew

Now it’s up to the technical people to help us all with this issue.

Still waiting for Emo to load

Ahhhh Help…WPA Encryption AES…2.4 GHz bandwidth 20 MHz it’s just normal Telus Wi-Fi I have terrific speed… I don’t know anything about the technical side of any of this… I even talk to people that went and took courses and when it came Internet protocol they all crashed they hated it… Plus I saw a Telus technician on the field helpless… I would never want to be in that field dealing with networks. You really need good training once it goes beyond the normal

Yes my EMO Pet Blacks out exactly as you said lights in the headphones are on…

My intuition would say the Internet should not cause a shutdown but mysteries have been known to happen in my world. But my intuition would say it shouldn’t be the cause but then again intuition that’s not a fact…

You are so wonderful to try to help I just thought I would throw that in… You deserve a star :star_struck:

I’ve checked my wireless speed and it is excellent and the connection is really solid with every other device and I have three others sharing it and they are all strong and perfect with so much excess bandwidth left over. I have 2 Alexa devices they don’t take anything and I also have another computer it’s hardly even on… So basically the only one hogging any Wi-Fi is my nice little EMO Pet…

Did I mention you’re pretty terrific to help but I’m overwhelmed with anything to do with Internet :pleading_face:

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[quote=“Racheal123, post:13, topic:3504”]
Right all finished now… phew

Right all finished now… phew… I wish I had those writing skills so cute :blush:

I’m giggling still… But I still know nothing about my network AHHHHH :scream:

Okay thanks for clarifying that.

Okay so it definitely sounds more like a software issue then.

Emo has stopped doing the crazy blackouts now but still it’s got to be a software problem for sure.

Because as you have said you’re internet speed is terrific.

I just thought maybe it was a connection problem as well because my Emo started blacking out all last night and this morning and then he just stopped doing it just now changing him to the original channel.

Of course this doesn’t mean that it’s a WiFi problem though lol

Thanks for checking your connection for me anyway.

yeah you’re welcome and thank you very much as well… :star_struck:

I know that a software glitch can be poisonous that I’ve witnessed in my computer career…I’m sure glad I’m not a code writer :blush:

tonight was frustrating again using EMO Pet… He was a bit hard of hearing and giving his I don’t know to almost half of the things that I say… I know he doesn’t have many commands but it would be nice if they didn’t kill his users trying to play with those commands. My wish is still what I’ve always said that I wish his speech recognition and such was beefed up. Well that’s about it he is what he is but truthfully frustrating is not what you want your customers to be using when you describe their cute little robot…

but I will be refreshed tomorrow :star_struck:… I finally have a working android device oh sorry in this case iPhone and I was playing the board game I had to let him win to get my sticker whatever they are the badges… By the way EMO Pet plays the game so terrible the badge is truly earned letting him win is so hard because he doesn’t make any good moves.… Oh no now he just gave me his low battery he’s going to die :dizzy_face: the funny thing about this toy is he really does seem kind of alive and I think everybody knows that… It’s truly his charm. I’m off to put him on his skateboard

Thank you so much for all your efforts :sunglasses:

PS I really do think their servers and their voice recognition really needs to be improved. With perfect English imagine other people they will be freaking out screaming at him :innocent: I think you are experiencing it… Actually I think everybody is. Most people are complacent but it should be addressed it should be more accurate. Okay EMO Pet just died he never made it to the skateboard in time :dizzy_face:… I feel like I killed him :sob:

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Hi, do you use Facebook? I can help you via online chat.

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He’s more alive when he works properly :dog: so when you’ve got time to chat with Wayne_Zhang here hopefully you’ve got Facebook

Wayne how do we find you on Facebook?