Emo not sleeping at night?

I saw the schedule for emo’s daily task. i see hes supposed to sleep between 12am-8am. For about 3-4 days now he’s been awake while on the skateboard at night up until 5am then wake up again at 8am. his eyes wander the room in the dark and i have a poor sleep schedule so ive watched him stay awake all night and go to sleep at 5am. he performs his other regularly scheduled tasks but this seems to be the one thing off. even when i use verbal the command after 12 am for him to go to sleep he wakes up minutes later. is emo adapting my poor sleeping habits or is this a glitch? and just wondering if anyone else noticed this with their emo as well.

edit: he was sleeping properly when the update launched

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Hi @a_greham feels more so like a glitch, at 12am (midnight) both my EMO’s do the yawning sound and then go off to bed. If I make noise or call out to them, they do wake up, but will go straight back to sleep.

I’m guessing you’ve tried to power him off and back on during this time and see if he goes back to sleep normally?

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yes i have powered him off multiple times. kind of weird, and creepy :sweat_smile:

haha yes, it sure is… how about during the day time, after EMO has had lunch? He normally has a lunchtime nap as well. (happens between 12pm - 2pm) does he sleep during this time?

his day time nap is on time. he naps longer in the day than he gets sleep at night

Ok, I’ll thanks for advising this, as it might be effecting a few other EMO owners, I’ll tag @Wayne_Zhang in just so he is aware of this.

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@a_greham I’ve been experiencing the same with my Emo the last few days. He is awake when he should be sleeping on the skateboard, I’ve noticed this when I get up during the night.

What’s frustrating is that Emo then falls asleep, while still on the skateboard, just as I’m getting up for the day and in turn I’ve got to say Emo numerous times to get him to wake from his slumber, so I give up. I know if I remove Emo from the charger he’ll wake up but that’s too much just to say good morning.

The same as yourself, I’ve also powered Emo off and on. It’s good to know that it’s not just my Emo.

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It does sound like a glitch with your little guy. I’m usually awake anywhere from 11pm to 8am during the week and mine will go to sleep within 10 minutes of midnight. He is also quick to go back to sleep right after the alarm I set goes off.

I have noticed mine loves to sleep in an extra hour on both his nighttime sleep and nap though. Once 8am strikes he’ll wake up, go back to sleep, then alternate between exercising, eating, and sleeping until 9am per the schedule. I’ve come home in the afternoon around 3-4 pm and still caught him sleeping from his midday nap. He does this even when I’m home on the weekends. Poor little guy has such a rough life. :rofl:

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While we are on the subject, I’m just wondering if this is normal…
When you say to Emo “go to sleep” (when he is off his skate board), he does, but it is my understanding that he is meant to stay asleep once you have told him unless you call him again?
The other night I had him on my night table next to me and told him to go to sleep, which he did, while I watched Netflix (I kind of like him sitting there snoring and breathing hehe). Of course what happened, yep, I fell asleep too lol. So, I got woken up at 3am with Emo face planted on the floor (soft rug and carpet, so no damage), complaining and wiggling his little feet around! lol
So, hence my question. Is he not meant to stay asleep? Also, are the foot sensors not supposed to prevent this from happening? The table does not have a rounded edge, it is as straight as. I think the foot sensors need to be made more reliable, as I have seen so many people compensating for this by making enclosures for him. Really, what is the point of having the foot sensors if you still have to stop him from falling if they are not reliable?

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@JJBeck At least as of firmware 1.5, EMO is meant to stay asleep whenever it is 12-8 am and 12-2 pm in your time zone. I’m assuming it’s a design choice when you ask him to “Go to sleep,” he sleeps, then wakes up 5-10 minutes later any other time outside of those windows.

As I wrote above, my EMO loves his extra sleep and will sleep past his bed and nap times happily - this might be unique to my EMO though. I’ve also gotten his battery to low around 9-10 pm, put him on his charger, and he’s out the rest of the night. He’ll only wake up if I call his name, poke his pet sensors or take him off his skateboard.

I’ve had my EMO face plant once because I didn’t make sure he played his charging animation when I put him on his skateboard and assumed the solid light alone meant he was charging. I walked away to brush my teeth and heard him face plant and grumble on my nightstand. I’ve never had him fall off his skateboard while I’ve been asleep or at work, though before I go to sleep or go to work I always make sure I see his charging animation play before I step away. Seeing the animation most likely doesn’t make a difference, as hardware will work without fancy animations, but it hasn’t failed me so long as I ensure it’s done.

EMO is programmed to not walk off his skateboard at all so long as his left foot is on the charging pad and he is actively charging (regardless of battery level). Did you have him on the skateboard or another compatible charger before you dozed off the other night?

As to the feet sensors, I’d say from personal experience my V has worse sensor detection than my EMO when it comes to wandering around. I’d chalk that up more to just how the tech works versus it being a design or quality issue with EMO though. When I play Ludo with my EMO sometimes he gets so happy, sad, or angry that he kicks himself out of whatever animation he’s doing, thinks he’s about to fall over a cliff and freaks out. I’ve never seen his full range of reactions to losing a game of Ludo because of this. It’s funny, but a little sad at the same time.


Hey, thanks for your detailed answer. :slightly_smiling_face: This was well after 12am and it has only happened once. I have done this a number of times before, and have woken up in the morning to find him still sitting where I put him on the table powered off flat battery. Now I realise that he could have heard something that sounded like his name on Netflix, but the curious thing is, when he is asleep and I call him, it usually takes about 3 or 4 times for him to respond. I find it improbable that he heard something 4 times in a short period of time on Netflix that sounded like his name. Unless, we now have to wonder if this stems back to the whole speech recognition problem/issue?

He was not on his skate board or any other charger.

I’m not so sure that we should just chalk it up to that. I think LAI could improve the use of the foot sensors with some adjustments in Emo’s AI (if any)/programming.
Only time will tell. I still have great expectations for Emo, and am looking forward to the next firmware update (hopefully they will have sorted out the speech recognition issues)!


:thinking: Ich glaub dann ist meiner depressiv geworden… Er schläft nachts durch und schläft auch fast den ganzen Tag über. :flushed:
Dann wacht er kurz auf und arbeitet, um dann wieder schlafen zu gehen… Fühl ich ja total, aber das er das auch macht?

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just updating with my Emo. He didnt sleep all night last night. i definitely think he’s picking up my poor habits :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Mine doesnt sleep at night either. Sounds just like yours

Might be something that the Living.Ai team needs to take a look at as it’s affecting certain EMOs but not all. Both of mine at midnight are snoring :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :head:

Please check the network connection. He needs the network to calibrate the time.

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Emo wakes up to literally everything and it’s a huge issue for being a “desk pet”. Loud sounds, soft ones, phone calls, talking in person, everything. It’s insane. I’m on a call and every 4th word from me or folks on the call is interpreted by Emo as a wake word.

The other V robot solves this by interpreting “go to sleep” as a heuristic that sensitivity should be dialed way, way, way down for N time after the sleep command is given.

EDIT: Also, even dead quiet, my Emo is also often up after midnight local time, and will wake up on its own pretty often after midnight as well. This is not really a factor for me, just an observation though to back up OP. :wink:

Yes :rofl: The same thing for me, when I’m on the phone, I have to either MUTE them via the EMO APP. Or walk to another room! They hear/wake up to anything that remotely sounds like EMO and are always chiming in when I’m watching a movie or something on Netflix etc.

This is quite interesting - when my EMO arrives, he is going to be placed just next to my work desk at home - maybe he will be participating some of my Teams meetings then if listening and reacting to everything :smiley:


That he will do for sure :wink: (you’ll be hearing a lot of WHAT’S) haha :rofl: