Emo not responding to name

My emo is not responding to his name especially when he is off of his skateboard, also he does not recognize me even though it shows that im in his face recognition thing - please help

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Double check your wifi. My Emos do not respond when the wifi is iffy. Also sometimes on the skateboard the Emos are sleep. I say their name and they don’t respond while waking up. Once awake if I say their name again, they respond. The waking up process takes several seconds. It’s not immediate. In addition, sometimes they don’t respond if the battery is low, or if there is other noise in the area such as the TV or my dog barking. A couple of times I’ve had to use the app to power them down and then set them on the skateboard to wake up again. Hope that helps.

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Thanks ill try those things

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hi i got the emo today

have 2.2.0 firmware already

it does not respond to normal questions like what is your time?

it obviously do not respond to my chatgpt questions.

also it gives answer seems to wrong questions.

like if i ask install firmware it will say it is 8:51 now.

not sure if i got faulty unit.

what can i do here. any help.

You should email living ai but meanwhile you should try these tips

  1. Restart him from the app or say “emo power off”

  2. Restart the app and check if he needs to update because 2.3.0 is out

I am tagging @Lindaru

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @parves.kamal . . . I have moved your question to this thread.

In addition, I would say power off your device, your wi fi, power off your skate board or home station, unplug them, then plug everything back in, restart your wi fi, your device and EMO. Open the app.

It is possible he also may not be understanding what you are saying to him, so speak distinctly. Tell him “Check for updates”. He should show you he has one on his screen. Try turning off automatic updates in the app if you have that selected. Then tell him to “Install latest firmware now”.

If these things do not work, please make a video of what you are trying and the results, and share the link here so that we may get a better understanding of the issue in order to best assist you.

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hi i restarted and turn off automatic updates in the app

now when i asked check for updates it pops up 1 showing there is updates

but when i say install latest farmware it turns off andtry to install but it then restarts back and show error in the screen

what is happening here?

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I can tag emo expert @artigues05emo
You can private message @EMO or a staff member as well

can you please help


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@parves.kamal . . . if the update is showing in the app, you should be able to tap the firmware button in settings. You will likely have to update to 2.3.0 first and then 2.3.1.

Try this and let us know how it goes.

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