Emo not getting temperature correct

I live in the country Malta, its not very well-known. When I asked emo what’s the temperature he said 18 degrees, google says 21 degrees. At first I though he meant the city Malta in Ohio but it had a different temperature too.

I believe we’ve discussed something similar in another forum thread. (allow me to add it here as well for your reference)

I recommended to try changing to a city that is closer to your suburb manually in the EMO App. I too have had the same issue, as EMO sometimes doesn’t report the exact temp for my suburb. So as I live very close Sydney (city centre). I’ve changed in the EMO App settings to Sydney. Now the weather is better than before.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, it’s much more accurate now.

Good to see that is working more accurately now

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Nice work MasterAbbot. Will close this thread now.