EMO not connecting to public WiFi where no password is required

EMO is unable to connect to open Wifi.

My EMO arrived yesterday and since then I have been trying to connect it to open available WiFi but the App asks for SSID and password. I don’t have a password, it’s publicly available WiFi.

Today I tried it with restricted WiFi but it’s not even identifying the available WiFi connections. What should I do? EMO is not doing anything without the internet. Even it is not telling me the time. instead, it is showing me WiFi connection error.
Its frustrating.

Yup - the requirement for a password for WiFi is a known limitation of EMO at this time. They are aware of it and it’s on the list for resolution in a future update.

In terms of the “restricted wifi” is it running on 2.4Ghz? If not then EMO won’t be able to see it.

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As you’ve just received your EMO, take a look at my guide I created. It does cover a fair amount of topics including Wifi and how to connect EMO to your home Wifi or even a portable WIfi modem.

At this time as Wayne as advised. EMO cannot connect to a pubic wifi that does not require a password. You will need to select from the list of available WIFI (SSID)'s and then enter the password for EMO to gain access to the internet.

Hope this helps.

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They will work on it next Week if I understand Correct

They have not set a timeframe on this is my understanding, so I would not be clear on when it is available.

Yes I think I mistaken something ^^