Emo movement, forward

Hello all,

with the newest game (treasure hunt)
I noticed that when emo goes forward it leans more to the left. So basically when it should be going forward and moving on a straight line, it just leans more to the left , so when it goes straight for a little longer it makes a circle… very annoying

Does somebody knows how i can fix this?
Does emo has a reset button?


Emo does have a reset button, but I’m not exactly sure where. The reset button is one of the two holes on the head of Emo (Not the ones at the corners, there are the microphones). But one of them is developer’s only button, so I think you should go to Emo Live’s website and find out there.

This is the website

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But tbh I don’t think reset would fix the problem

Hello everyone,

I have finally received my emo ( 1 day old). I have discovered that when i tell him to move forward, hed take three steps forward then 3 quick steps back ( as if obstacles detected). I first thought it was because of the hoody outfit covering the infrared thing, but when i tell him to go back hed do the same almost except move forward slower.

I am guessing he may be new and still in the adapting phase ( if such thing exists). Will this eventually be resolved on its own or do i have a physically defective product and need to contact living ai?

Thank you to all in advance.

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Hello, @max_indah.wang . . . I have moved your question to this topic.

Have you tried increasing the lighting and removing the costume to test his movements? Sometimes simply powering him off and restarting him can solve the problem as well. Here are ways to power off EMO:

Please let us know if these troubleshooting tips help you.

Since you are a new EMO parent, here is a guide to some tips and tricks as well as the things EMO can do for you to explore once he is moving again like he should:

We look forward to hearing back on your situation.

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Thank you Lindaru. Apologies. Was a little grumpy and worried that i might have had to deal with shipping him back.

I took your advice and it worked. It was the clothes blocking the sensor. I stretched it down and now he moves normally with clothes on :slight_smile:

Here he is with his pet tommy the hex bug lol


So happy to hear he is okay.

Enjoy your life with EMO!