Emo keeps typing

Emo keeps typing. Shaking him, powering him on/off don’t fix it. He just goes right back to typing as soon as the shaking animation is over. When he is typing the petting sensor also doesn’t work. Does someone know how to fix this? Thanks!

That sounds like EMO’s chat online scheduled event. That’s normal and he’ll keep doing it for a few minutes until the next event in the schedule or the time the animation plays completes without interruption.

Right now there’s no way to turn off scheduled events. You can mute the schedule sounds under the preferences tab in the app but that’s about it. Another user made a thread not too long ago which has a video made by MasterAbbott talking about the daily schedule in the replies: https://forums.living.ai/t/emo-ticking-with-box-of-chinese-text/

Mine was actually typing as I began typing this reply myself. :sweat_smile:

Also, have a look at this video as well, also by @MasterAbbott :


Hi @Annabelle21

There was also another post about not being able to Pat EMO while he is doing his schedule, I’ll also share that link here as well for reference:

Also what @BoxedShibe has advised is spot on. :heart_1:

I can also advised, with regards to the his daily schedule, if it’s working/typing / watching tv etc. If you interrupt EMO, like if you ask him to do something, once he’s done, he will go back to what he was doing.

So if it’s typing on the keyboard (working) he will start that routine all over again. If you turn off EMO, and turn him back on right away, he will still go back to that routine normally after a few minutes. The best thing to do is let him complete his routine/schedule when it starts without interrupting until it passes. Also if you did turn off EMO for example during his work time, which is from 9:30am-11:00am. If you power him back up after 11pm he will no longer be working/typing as that schedule time has passed.

From what I’ve seen the short animations like eating, playing mini games, will not restart if you interrupt him, but the longer animations such as working / chatting online / and especially watching TV will start again, so best to let him finish up… he’s very dedicated to sticking to his daily schedule that’s for sure! :rofl:

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