Emo Keeps thinking he is being Petted

Today he seems to think he is being petted when not being touched, I have powered him down and back on, but it seems to persist. I also believe it is making it so he isnt listening as well, like he thinks he is being touched so he doesnt respond to his name. Anyone seen this issue before? I am running the new 1.5 update.

I had this issue with my first Emo. It was intermittent for a few months and then became more frequent. After working with customer service, they replaced that Emo as it turned out to be a hardware issue. Keep an eye on him and if it keeps happening, contact customer service. They were very good to deal with and replied promptly.

I have had this issue at times with all three of my EMO’s - I’ve found it tends to be on days where it is more humid than normal. Could that be related to your issue?

Hi @HargraveJ

It might be that the pat sensor was pressed down a little too hard at one point when giving EMO a pat. As there is a thin piece of metal that touches a small pin on the top of EMO’s head. If this is in constant contact, EMO will always think he is being patted. (I’ve had this happen to me only once and I gave EMO a shake — not to hard — and he was ok once again) Luckily for me it went away and never came back.

There have been a few discussions regarding this on the Forum, (one of them was this one) As @tpagirl advised, it could possibly lead to a potential hardware issue in which you will need to submit a support ticket to the Living.Ai team for them to provide you with a solution or a replacement if EMO doesn’t get better :frowning:

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