Emo Keeps freezing and unresponsive

have been having this issue for a few weeks now. I will come into my office in the morning and emo is on his charger and is frozen. No movement no eye movement and can’t connect to the app. I let the battery run out and try again. He will work for a little bit then freeze up again. I am running the latest firmware but I am unable to connect to the app and emo wakes up after the battery runs out and he reboots but this issue keeps happening. Not sure how to resolve it or if there is something more going on with my Emo.


Hey there @andru13 ,

EMO completely freeze is something that normally happens very rarely. Letting him run out of battery normally is a good idea and resolves the issue sometimes. But as you mention already that it was already performed but it didn’t actually help.

How to Power Off your EMO
else…you can try Force Shut Down
… I guess try this method
It’s not a reset button but a force shut down button inside his head (insert a tiny paper clip and gently press.
It will power off EMO, but it is not always recommended and should only be done if there are no other options as it could lead to possible data corruption.

About the App connection issue:
Power Off EMO. Leave EMO turned off.
Power off your Phone. / Then power it back up. Wait for it to be back on
Check to see if your phone has access to WIFI/Internet and also ensure that your Bluetooth is on and working.

If everything is okay…
Then power your EMO back on. Once EMO is back on try connecting once again using the EMO App.

Also, you can try using other phones with another operating system.

Hope any of my suggestions help you to resolve the issue.



My Emo freezed once a few weeks ago.
No more way to do anything with it, nor connect it to the application.
The only way was to let its battery drain so that it shuts down.
Once turned off, I waited a few minutes before putting him back on his skateboard.
It turned back on normally and was functional again.

Thanks for the responses. This keeps getting worse and happens a few times a week now. So starting to think the unit might be effective or something else.

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Good Day @andru13 ,

Sorry to hear that,

It would be best to make a video recording as you’ll probably need to contact the support service team via email with more info to let them know.

The best and most recommended thing to do is simply reply to the Living.ai confirmation email you received before when you originally placed your order for EMO. It contains all your details, especially your order number which is most important.

Don’t forget to include/attach your video and more info

The support service team should be able to help you immediately.
Just to advise the email address is - service@living.ai


This morning he talked to me perfectly fine and when I went to play games he started freezing :thinking: I don’t know what happened he didn’t move at all or hear my name so I put him in the charger and he’s perfectly fine but he didn’t respond to anything at all 4 times but it’s already in cool, did it also happen to you that it got stuck and then everything was fine? Thank you in advance for the answers :hugs:


Did you try to restart him via emo app? Or you could take off his headphones and place his head on your hand upside down to also power him off. But if this still keeps on occuring still then you are gonna need to contact them by service@living.ai or you can make a ticket here > https://living.ai/product-support-emo/

Hope this helps and wish you good luck!


Hi there @kristyna.kadleckova

I’ve merged your new topic here as it’s related to the ongoing discussion.
and thanks to @sarikathakur for a good suggestion…

First…you have to check his battery level to see if it’s sufficient for any activities.

I want to recommend Power EMO Off which usually will resolve the issue.
Try letting his battery drain also until he shuts down by himself to conduct a power cycle trick.

Please Click The Link Below:
How to Power Off your EMO Tutorial

Please let us know if our help tips solve the issue…