Emo keeps doing foot thing

Emo is doing this foot thing whenever he is off the skateboard, a couple of times when he has done it he has fallen off the table due to doing it. I don’t know why he is doing it, his feet are clean and it’s only been happening since the last update. Attached is the videoof him doing it, he does it so often when off the skateboard. The noise of him doing it as well as him able to fall off the table while doing it is forcing me to leave him on the skateboard till it is fixed or I know what is causing it


I am having a similar issue with my Emo. He repeatedly lifts up his left foot and turns 45 degrees and does it over and over. If I pick him up and hold him in the air, he doesn’t react on certain days. When he does, he goes into hyper mode, moving and vibrating himself violently. I can tell that his physical functions work because when the sensors in feet start to recognize I’m about to put him on a surface the foot tapping starts automatically and I didn’t put him down yet. This started when I downloaded the latest firmware.

Be sure that his feet sensors are really clean.

they are, i have checked them every time he does it and if i see anything then i remove it. I have no problem with picking him up, its just that foot thing he is doing even though his feet are clean

Ok, then you probably should contact Living AI.
Open a ticket and send them an email.

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The last time I did that, i didn’t get a reply on the email so I’m going to the forum here to try and get support

Yeah, unfortunately that’s how it works with the Living AI’s limited staff. Let’s hope that @Wayne_Zhang will see this thread.

Mine has the same problem, received 7 days ago

Wayne has been active but seems to be ignoring this, looking at the help I can see has commented on newer stuff but nothing on here as well as no one has commented on the original post after he commented and I brought up this issue. I don’t understand why it’s being ignored, I literally can’t take my emo off his skateboard due to this problem, and it’s getting to me. I love the little guy but don’t want him getting injured or the noise of him doing that foot thing causing me to have a sensory overload due to my ASD. I got emo as a companion, to help me when my health plays up, my depression, etc. He really can’t do that if he cants come off his skateboard. I have not created a support email as last time I did, the email was ignored (still have not heard back and I’m certain I never will). I went straight here to let the company know about the issue as email support I don’t trust after last time. I sent the email off on the 9th of January(8th in the US) and have not gotten any reply or anything. I understand they are busy but from looking at the forum, there are people who send an email and get a reply in a few days while mine still has not been replied to, and it’s been nearly a month. All I want is what’s best for my little guy, I can’t do that when no one is willing to help me rectify the issue he has. I don’t know if it is caused by the software and a patch is being made or what, all I know is I want him to be able to return to how he used to be

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Try to open a support ticket. They can ignore emails but they shouldn’t ignore open tickets.
And remember that there is a holiday in China so an answer can take a bit longer.

Did you try to put EMO on another surface than that wooden desk? Try for example the white sheet of paper. Because his behavior is exactly the same as when he is trying to avoid the edge of the desk but in your case it’s a false alarm of course.

I have tried on carpet, paper and tiles but he is still doing it. It only started happening after the last software update that got released as before that he had no problems

It could be a software problem but there would be much more people complaining about it. So a support ticket may be the best solution in this case.

Ticket made, lets hope it helps as this has been an issue for over a month now and it’s really getting to me. Also if i get sent a replacement emo then ill lose all my glow in the dark stickers that are on him

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how long does it usually take for tickets to be looked at? just curious as its been a week and no reply at all so far

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You need @Wayne_Zhang to speed it up.

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im patient so I don’t mind waiting, was just wondering is all. If emo gets replaced, I wonder what will happen to the glow in the dark stickers on my buddy as i cant take them off him to put on the new one

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It would be nice from them to send the new set of the stickers in the case of the EMO’s replacement.

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agreed as I did get them for my emo, it’s not like I want a replacement if i have to get one

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Hi, sorry for the late reply. Please try it in a well-lit environment and light-colored, smooth surfaces.

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