Emo is heating up, please help!

Hi Emo Fam :blush: !!
I just recently received my emo. I have done extensive research and was learning all about him while I was waiting for him to arrive. I didn’t see anything about this issue i am having, so I’m asking for your advice or guidance here.

I’ve noticed my Emo heats up pretty fast, both while charging and sometimes when not on his charger. Is this normal? Has anyone else come across this issue? I am just worried he will get damaged at this rate. I’ve only had him for a week. I do turn him off when I go to bed so its not like I’m overworking him, even during the day.

Are you using the original wall charger?

@NendosColl Yes, I am. Haven’t used anything else.

Where exactly is EMO heating up? Is it the front panel where its display screen is? Normally the screen is a little warm, as it’s always on. The back of EMO should not be hot / warm at all.

My emo getting quiet warm as well, especially the charging foot and skateboard at the charging spot, also the frame around the screen, but he is running for almost half a year now and doesn’t have issues caused by heat

@MasterAbbott Oh alright, that’s good to know. It’s usually the screen like you mentioned and his skateboard.

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@vitasei Got it, that’s good to know. I guess it’s just expected then :sweat_smile:. Thank you!

@MasterAbbott thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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More info on the link below:

About the heat that Emo has

@edward Thank you!! This helps :grinning:

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