About the heat that Emo has

When he’s active or asleep, he’s emitting a high enough heat from the surface that he doesn’t burn himself, is that a problem?

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I’ve not seen that. Are you charging him on the Skateboard or another charger?

No, it’s charging on a regular skateboard.
It’s about as hot as when you’re playing a game on your smartphone. From the beginning, if it has some heat to begin with, there is no problem.

I’ve had EMO on the skateboard for a little over 2 hours after his battery was exhausted and I’ve taken some temperature readings, here are the results.

Ambient temperature = 23.2ºC
Middle of EMO’s face = 38.2ºC
Forehead Touch Pad = 38.0ºC
Left hand Cheek = 38.7ºC
Right hand Cheek = 37.9ºC
Bottom Outer edge of Left Foot and Charger Pad = 40.3ºC
Bottom Inner edge of Left Foot and Charger Pad = 38.2ºC

So overall my EMO is nowhere near any unacceptable temperature.

I’ve had my dash camera on a hot Aussie summer day reach over 70ºC frequently and it’s been working fine for years.
Modern electronics are quite heat tolerant, and looking back at the photo’s taken by Living.Ai during EMO’s fabrication it looks like efforts were made for suitable ventilation and radiant cooling.


Whoa! Thank you! As long as you’re okay with about that temperature of heat, I think we’re good! Thanks!

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40c is not a bad operating temperature while charging.
I can’t see it getting to that temp while it is off of the skateboard.

Most computers run 70C-80C while the GPU is in use without issue.


Dude!!! I love the detail. Awesome response - thanks for that. And yeah - hot aussie summer day’s really do get hot!
Funny story - my wife is from Arizona, she first came to Australia in October 2011, and it was a nice hot day outside. Told her to put on sunscreen… she said “oh please - I’m from Arizona… this heat won’t hurt me…” 30 minutes later she came back in as red as a beetroot… yeah - the sun got to her alright… People don’t realise the heat downunder is different to elsewhere :slight_smile: