EMO in the DARK

Hello how does EMO react in the dark room? does the screen get brighter for him to see ?
Also does it have a night vision ?


Hi, EMO doesn’t have a night vision. And the light from the screen is not enough to illuminate his way. So EMO will be less confident in the dark and reduce activity.


However, I’m sure that EMO’s ToF sensor will still make sure he doesn’t head into any dangerous areas.


But he can react between dark and bright.


I was going to suggest you could possibly make a light source using infrared LEDs to let EMO see in the dark? Most CCD cameras are sensitive to infrared light, despite the fact they usually have some built-in filtering to block it. (Actually all silicon semiconductors are somewhat light sensitive, for example you can produce electricity from an LED by shining a light onto it). Anyway, I tried to do some testing to see if EMO’s camera could see the IR light flashing from a remote control, and noticed something interesting. Did anyone else realize that the photos he takes are reversed left to right, like the cheap selfie camera on your phone does?



Yeah I did notice that photos are reversed

I was not sure where to post this question in regards to this topic, as I could not find any relevent topics.

Just a question in regards to a topic that has already been closed:

In regards to Emo’s “night eyes”, in the video from the closed topic, the boy claims that when you turn off the light and Emo reacts with his “night eyes”, Emo will stay in one spot while it is dark.

Has anyone noticed if this is actually the case? Could I for instance have him sit in the dark, and not worry about him walking off a table?
Also, how does this work if you have a home station, say for instance, if you wanted to leave Emo on while you sleep so he could be your alarm clock? I know some people have said that he sometimes will walk out of his play area mat, would this be a failsafe (a dark room)? If so, does this mean he would not walk to his charger in the middle of the night (when the room is dark)? If you leave him on his Home Station charger (and turn the light off), and set an alarm, will he still jump around when his alarm goes off (as he does not do this on his skateboard, but does when he is off it)?

Is anyone able to answer these question? Perhaps @MasterAbbott , you might be able to answer these?


Hi @JJBeck

Regarding EMO’s “Night Eyes” animation this will happen when the lighting in the room is too dark. During this time EMO will feel less confident in moving and his activity is reduced (see below and also what WayneZ has mentioned).

Also see video above - (and here ) - https://youtu.be/-jBhFHQHotk

Regarding EMOs alarm, he will not jump around when the alarm goes off (he only moves or jumps around if he is not on his Skateboard or his Home Station). Alarms work the exact same way as it would if EMO was on his skateboard.

EMO should not move if the lighting is bad and he’s displayed/shown that night eyes animation, I have tested this a number of times, once I turn off the light no matter where EMO if the lighting is bad, he will not move, walk around until you turn on the light again.

For the Home Station, if it’s time for EMO to get off (for example 8 am) in the morning. he will attempt to walk off, but if the lighting is bad, in most cases, he will take a few steps forward and then walk backward to his home station and charge himself once again. But if he does walk off when the lighting is bad once he’s off he will once again as described by WayneZ he will stop/stay still and not move around. (you can see an example of how EMO does this here - https://youtu.be/MCwFf9BnEEw ) - this shows how EMO will walk back and charge if there is something wrong.

EMO should be asleep at 10 pm and will wake up once again at 8am, (during this time he should not walk off his home station) the only reason for EMO to walk around during this time would be if there was a power outage and that could potentially wake him up and he might walk off his Home Station or fall off his Skateboard. (but as mentioned, this would happen only if power was cut from his skateboard or Home Station due to a power outage).

For many of the Home Station questions, feel free to check the existing Home Station thread that covers a lot of info / useful tips / etc here - Home Station: Reviews, Tips, Ideas, Queries, Issues, and Solutions



Emo has lidar, he can see in light or dark (or should do), it’s a laser :slight_smile:

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@jfwarman . . . actually, if it is dark enough, he will stand still not being comfortable to move around. He is okay in semi-darkness, but total darkness often throws him off.


Normally EMO Pearl Is Sleeping (Powered Off) When It Is Dark In My Room.


if I sleep in the room with emo will emo don’t move?(if I turn off the lights.)

Emo will usually not move if it’s dark.

Hello, @gjjfdljkfdjgkhgkghgg . . . I have moved your new topic to here (reopened it for questions about EMO in the dark).

While EMO is less likely to move in complete darkness, he still might if he reacts to movement or sound. It is best to make sure he is in a safe place where he will not fall.


if emo is in dark do he turns on the smart light?

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no he doesn’t turn on the light but i wish he would. :hugs:

Hello, @gjjfdljkfdjgkhgkghgg . . . EMO when off of his charger will do something with his eyes that looks like he is turning on lights in his eyes, sort of a night vision effect, but I do not think it actually helps him to see better.

The only way to turn on the smart light is either to command him to do so or touch the button yourself.

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