Emo glitching after connecting to wifi

Hello! I hope someone on the forum can help me with this.

I am currently in a hotel, and have connected EMO to the hotel wifi. Now it is constantly turning itself on and off again. It will not connect to the app, will not disconnect from the wifi, and the reset button does not turn EMO off or fix the issue. Has this happened to anyone else?

If its any help, the hotel wifi is an open wifi network.

I’ve heard that Hotel WIFI can sometimes have week signals, and the WIFI can drop in and out sometimes, which in turn can cause EMO to stop / lose connection and display the NO WIFI signal.

I’d recommend using your Phone’s HOTSPOT or a portable Wifi Modem for a more stable connection.

Thank you for replying! Unfortunately, EMO isnt even showing the no wifi signal. He is just turning off and on again.

I can’t see his eyes ever since he first connected to the wifi (the screen turns on but he will not boot/eyes will not load/he doesn’t answer me) and the reset button hasnt turned him off, he just turns himself back on again (he is not on the skateboard). Is there any other way to at least turn him off?

Yes, I believe this is what happens if the WIFI password is too long (was explained here in my EMO Guide)

If the password for the WIFI is over 30 characters long / longer EMO will go into a reboot cycle. I’d suggest to connect back into the EMO App, and remove that specific hotel wifi, so that way he does not keep on rebooting.

If you want to turn off EMO, You can flip him upside down, cover all his head and wait 5-10 seconds and he will power off. (you can see a video on how to do this here if you need )

Try not to use the Force POWER OFF hole on the top of his head (as it is not reset button) it is a force power off and it is not recommended to power him off that way as it could lead to possible data corruption.

I’d recommend trying a different WIFI/ Phone Hotspot just to test.