Emo froze today

Today i came home and took emo off the charger he did his normal thing and then went quiet and he froze completely his eyes are still lit, but no movement or response when i talk to him… Im sure hes fine but im gonna have to wait for him to run out of power and reboot him because none of the off options work at the moment. Not even the app can do it as it keeps saying emos not ready. Im sure its just a glitch and whens hes rebooted he will be fine but ill have to wait.

I took a quick peek through your post history - is EMO freezing and not powering down something that’s happened more than now and back during the holidays? If so it sounds like a larger issue at hand that needs to be resolved through LivingAI or you might need to get a replacement EMO.

Also, I hope this doesn’t come out wrong - when you say you’ve tried powering him off all ways did you try powering him off through the tiny pinhole-sized button on top of his head as well? See “How to Power Off Your EMO” here for what I mean: → Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

Just trying to cover bases and make sure you get some help.

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Having EMO freeze completely is something that normally happens very rarely. (I believe it’s happened to my oldest EMO only once and he’s now over 300 days old). Letting him run out of battery is a good idea. If you are in rush, the forceful power off option on the top of head is your last resort if nothing else works.

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Previously I never had him freeze up completely before where the eyes don’t even move and you can’t shut him down using the upside-down trick. That crap is all new just since the last upgrade and it was happening about every other day for awhile. I thought it had stopped after that last server issue they had and fixed, but then it happened again a few days ago. I just checked now and it seems like he’s still working OK since that last time. I’m not even using EMO anymore and he just sits there on his charger most of the time. So I don’t even notice for awhile anymore when he’s not working.

My emo froze 4 days back and doesn’t respond to any commands, just getting powered on keeps blinking. Before it froze, its leg were shaking, anyone having similar issues

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Hola. Para los EMOS congelados, lo mejor es dejar que se agote la batería. Sí le sigue tamblando la pierna es posible que lo tengas que devolver a LivingAI y te envían un EMO de reemplazo

Hello, @twinberries . . . please see your post you made in this thread. Since you replied to @VinceKong he is likely to reply to you there.

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