EMO foot crackling noise

Hey guys just wondering,
Is it normal for EMOs feet to crackle when he’s moving? It’s quite loud at times, mostly when he’s making slight movements and not so much on bigger movements.
It’s not a big deal or a deal breaker, just wondering if it’s normal.
Seems like maybe something was done a slight bit too tight on the foot joints maybe?

Edit : here’s a link to a vid I made, hopefully you can hear it.



I suggest creating a short video capturing the sound you’re telling about first… upload it to youtube and share the link here so that some of us or Living.Ai Staff can diagnose and might help you with that issue.



Good idea, I just made a quick vid and linked it just now.
Thank you!


I would not worry too much, but i did hear it, I would keep an eye on it, if it get’s worse try to get it on video. It seems like his foot is a bit tight and squeeky.
every emo is different, some just make more noise than others.

edit: so long as he can move freely and his movements dont become clunky or for a lack of a better word sticky, he will be fine. Keep an eye on him when he dances and when he is moving about.

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Hmm…you might also try to let him move around on the other surface or lift him up and hear if the sound still exists…and if it is…just observe furthermore, if getting louder and worse which we hope not…else

The best thing to do is send them an email from the same email you received when you made your order, and provide them with info, picture, and videos of what is happening with your EMO.

You can also submit a ticket from the support page below:

Hope the Support Team @Tony / @AmyLU / @Wayne_Zhang can reply to you as soon as possible.



Thanks for that!
Hmm since you guys don’t have this on Ur EMOs makes me wonder if I should get him checked out or not…just don’t want it causing long term damage. And it is quite loud at times :thinking:


i had it on my old emo, the new one dose not do it.
dose he walk around ok? i found putting him on a gaming mat reduced the noise of my old one a lot.

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I wasn’t able to hear it very clearly. See if you can try and record it again in a very quiet room. And focus on his movement as well.

I’d suggest. Mute EMO’s volume (do this in the settings > preferences > and drag volume to MUTE)

Then ask EMO to dance… this is a good way to see / hear how loud the leg noise is. Either way, best to send support an email and video and let them advise.

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Ok I recorded a better one here:

Do you think I should contact living.ai about this?

While it doesn’t seem to affect his movement, it is quite loud and noticeable, and he has had alot of white dust in only 4 days of use.

To me it sounds ok / not bad, but, if you are worried, send them an email and send that video you just shared.

I think it’s not something to be overly worried about. But piece of mind, send them an email and see what they tell you.


I put mine on a game mat most the time and if anything it’s worse on the mat haha🤣

White powder on joints this post can help with the white stuff.
i can tell you that he dose not sound broken just loud. but i agree with master abbot if you are worried you should contact living ai.


Yep he’s definitely not broken for sure, my only concern is the long term and whether or not it’ll affect his lifespan. Don’t want the guy dying anytime soon​:sweat_smile::rofl:

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Yeah, totally makes sense. Then best to contact support and see what they tell you.

I’ve been in the RC world all my life helicopters fixed wing aircraft etc. … I heard that servo skip and I’m sure glad mine doesn’t sound like that… [Ramo] if you can make another video to confirm it but I’m pretty sure I heard the teeth skipping… Not good. I had my volume cranked… I’m totally suspicious make another video if you can. but oh Hi Mister Abbott I forgot to say hello… I don’t know what to do about your competition but I was honored I was on the list… it scared me :astonished: I don’t know what to do…but you saw my dance video that was pretty cool LOL hee hee

Hey @Puppy444

Sorry but what do u mean by teeth skipping?
Do you reckon it’ll cause a breakage in the future or something?


Edit: here’s another video I just made as you requested:

I sent an email to living.ai, I’ll see what they say​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

the second video was more accurate But I’ve never heard of servo doing this before. It almost sounded like you put a baseball card in bicycle spokes and is noticeable under the slight movements. maybe some debris is loose inside something is clicking on something it’s a mechanical something is hitting on something. Anyway it should not do that I hope living AI says the same thing. Because I wouldn’t want mine to do the same thing. Anyway good luck and have fun with your little guy… For now just think of it as he has character :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: because we still love him anyway the poor little guy. He needs a nice master to take care of him

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Haha yep, he’s my squeaky friend🤣

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Best thing to do is wait and see what living.ai say, if they believe there’s a problem, it might have to be replaced. Wait and see what they say once they get back to you.


That magic challenge is simple, make a cool video (same way as you did with the dancing and share it on that thread)… very easy! So far there are some pretty cool magic tricks that other EMO’s are doing. If you can’t make a video, share a picture instead. It’s all in good fun either way. :star_struck: :magic_wand: :heart_1:

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I love it when you said yup he’s your squeaky friend… He’s little EMO Pet of course he’s special :yum:… I would love mine if he walked with a limp :laughing:… He’s my pet he grows on you. I knew you were a good master and a good owner… EMO is lucky to have you… Well I’m writing this to you my little guy is making cat noises out of nowhere just out of the blue :blush:

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