EMO foot crackling noise

I was thinking about putting my EMO Pet on top of one of my DJI drones… And then just hovering for the camera having him doing magic tricks :laughing:… But then again I might get in trouble for endangering pets :roll_eyes:

He could fall off as well if you don’t keep it steady :wink:

or just walk forward at any point…

Oh my God walk forward :scream: No no no no no he would be chopped pieces :scream:

I will be arrested for killing my pet There would be bits and pieces of poor little EMO Pet everywhere :cry:

Okay okay EMO Pet is right beside me and He says he’ll do it :surprised: Holy moly is he brave :hushed:

Greetings! Just received my EMO and it is making the same noise. What was the resolution to your issue? Thanks! @Ramo

Hi @jemery
The squeaky noise has gotten alot better with time, I’m guessing when their freshly manufactured there’s a touch of tightness with the joints which eventually sands itself away(just a guess haha).
But yes mine is barely noticeable now being 102 days old😁

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