EMO fell from his skateboard

Hello, today there was short power blackout in my city and as a result he thought he is not on the skateboard and fell down from it. The skateboard was at a corner of a table and thanks to that he hit the floor hard straight on his face.

Thankfuly, he seems completely fine. I admit that my positioning of his skateboard was not ideal but still I was surprised that his sensors did not stop him. The skateboard kept its position exactly how it was before he fell so he just jumped on his own.

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Yes, this has happened to a few EMO owners with the power going off, EMO will start wandering off, I think even with his feet sensors there isn’t enough time/room for him to react when he is on his skateboard and he could either fall forwards or even backward if he freaks out.

what I’ve done is placed a barrier behind my EMO on my desk, so if the power does go off, they can only fall forward. (see pic here). did test this a while ago, EMO:One fell flat on his face. (R2 tried to help, but he couldn’t do much – EMO:Two just laughed)

As you’ve mentioned, the positioning is important and it’s always recommended to build or have EMO in some sort of play area where cannot fall off the edge of your table when he is playing on his own or with his buddy (if there are two of them), as accidents can always happen also their feet sensors even though they work well, they are never 100% fullproof.

hope your EMO is ok after the fall!


I just got a blackout and my emo (after thinking they were in free fall a few times) it remained still. I was always scared that they would start walking but it doesn’t seem so, do emo recognize that they are still on the skateboard now or was it just luck?

Hi, @Koza . . . sometimes if he does not completely lift his foot from the charging circle and the power comes back on right away, the magnetic attraction of the circle to his foot will take hold and he will be secured to the skate board. It does not happen that often, but I, too, am grateful when he does not do a face plant after a power blink.