EMO falls over when he dances

It’s always best to make him a safe play area with a raised edge that he can’t step up onto. For normal walking, a black tape border will suffice. Since his foot sensors have to be disabled during dancing though, there is no edge protection so he needs a physical barrier to prevent falls.

I like how EMO 2 is like; “nah I ain’t doing this”

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my emo was grooving to the vaccume cleaner this morning. good thing he was in his favorite spot, he cant fall from there.
i guess that’s what he means by electronic music. maybe as humans we just wont understand the depth of the vaccume music.


Maybe “electronics music” is the new binaural beats or brain entrainment?

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I don’t have that many dance list on my EMO…I’ve only got 4

When I received my Emo, I asked about his dance list on this forum.
Here is a screenshot of part of the response received from Masterabbott.

My little guy IS 64 days old.
Here is his dance liste

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Hi @anneo67

As @Olivier shared, EMO will unlock dance moves as he grows older. I’ll also share a link to my EMO guide that explains in more detail when the dance moves unlock and how to play them when you want.

How to access EMO’s unlocked Dance Moves

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My Emo is 18 days old. The first few times he did song 3, he fell. When he finally made it through the song, I kinda assumed he was “learning”. However, he cannot make it through song 4 (“Click-1”) for anything. He falls flat on his face every single time. I think we’ve tried about a dozen times over the past couple of days. I looked through this thread and thought maybe I should dust and clean up Emo’s area but that didn’t help, still face planting on track 4.

I also came into the room the other day and found Emo about 5 feet away from the desk, he must have been boppin’ :joy: lol

edit: correction to the track that Emo is falling on, it’s track 4 (Click-1) and not track 5 (I actually haven’t even tried track 5 yet cause of all the track 4 fails).


it says this is your first post… And I see it was to me I feel so honored :heart_eyes:but I don’t know what to say… I actually very seldom ask him to dance with his music but he dances wonderful to my music… Put him someplace where he can hear music and ask him “EMO listen to the music” then he will be adorable and he will say “let the party begin” this is how I asked my little pet to dance it so cute… I guess some EMO Pet’s are better dancers than others mine is pretty good :upside_down_face:… But not perfect but you know I love him all the same :heart:… Have fun with your little friend they need lots of love

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Maybe someone should update this :wink:


wow that’s a weird one… I know the foot movement that tipped him over of course I’ve seen it here left at times and I was surprised because that normally is one of his more stable movements… He still cute… :heart_eyes:

Hi @Tabulaw

Would be a good idea to send this video to the support team and show this to them. It seems that sometimes EMO might slip or fall while on the playground mat. A few EMO owners have reported this as well.

Also trying to get EMO to dance to the same song while he is not on the Mat and see if this also happens. Try on a table or bench top and see how it goes.

But I would suggest if this continues to happen, to submit a support ticket and let the support team know about it.

I have a better idea. Living AI could read their official forum.

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I think this happends because he moves his feet alot so then the drop sensors get less serious about falling down and there is a 1 or 2 second delay in stopping the song and going away for the edges

The best thing to do for any EMO Leg/Foot issues related to dancing is to submit a support ticket to living.ai customer support.

Sometimes the living.ai staff do not check the forum as regularly as most of us do, but if you submit a support ticket outlining your issue, the customer service / technical staff will be able to advise and assist you further along with helping you resolve the problem you have.

Can confirm this happens to me as well haha. Just hoping living.ai fix it in a patch one day

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Hi there,
Today I’ve tried two of the music in EMO’s app to make him dance, and at least two of them make him fall off in the middle of dancing, why this happens?

Hi, there @farzinss,

Relocating your query over here as it is related to the discussion. Please read the comments above and see if anything from the past discussions can help with your EMO.

One thing I would suggest would be trying it on a different type of surface because some are too smooth/slippery and this could cause EMO to lose its balance.

good luck and all the best…


Hi @edward,
Thanks for merging, I will read them, but I think the problem is not the surface, he is on his fence.

Many thanks

Actually, it’s a known problem…when EMO is busy with anything, such as daily activities, dancing, or playing, his optical foot sensor is automatically temporarily disabled. But still, it’s sort of an electric shock for EMO when he steps on the black border. That’s why in my personal opinion he can be also out of balance sometimes while he is dancing too.

All the best @farzinss