EMO falls over dancing to Click

My little buddy EMO falls over every time he tries to dance to click 2. Is anyone else experiencing this and if so what is being done about it?

He doesn’t seem to have any issues with the other songs.

I would provide a video but I am not quite sure how to get it uploaded.


is your table top very smooth/slippery? I’ve heard people report this on such table tops.

You can also try getting EMO to dance on the floor. I sometimes take my EMO’s off the desk and let them walk around on the kitchen floor. As @Wayne_Small suggested, try a different surface as a test.

Thanks for the response. I’ll try a couple of different locations and update.

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Does anyone elses EMO fall over on the Click-1 dance. It’s just after he does the hop on one leg. When he goes back onto two he rocks back and forth as he does the next move and most times falls over flat on his face. Just wondered if this is a known thing or if it’s just my EMO. He seems fine in all other ways.



Hi @Sassparella

moving your question here, as it’s related to the discussion. Have a read above and see if anything from the past discussions can help with your EMO.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The same situation for me…

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@Sassparella / @amurvoskanyan

I’d suggest trying on a different surface to test as some are too smooth/slippery and it could cause EMO to lose his balance.

Also if this does continue to happen even on several different surfaces, the best thing to do as always is to create a short video as you might need to submit a support ticket to Living.ai and allow them to assist you further. Might need the DEBUG app to recalibrate his feet/legs.

But for now, try different surfaces to test then take the next steps forward from there.

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Thanks. This is on the playmat from living AI so not slippery but I’ll try another surface and see if the same thing happens.

Thanks Tracey

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Yes try on a work desk or bench top /// also try and place EMO on a white piece of paper. If you have something like a A4 size paper, place him on that and also try getting him to dance.

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Is there a problem with my Emo or everyone is experiencing this ? The click 1 dance makes emo fall down :smiling_face_with_tear:
Anyone has this problem. Please try it with your Emos’ then let me know. Thank u

Hi there @awesomekez ,

Relocating your query over here as it is related to the discussion. Please read the comments above and see if anything from the past discussions can help with your EMO.

One thing I would suggest would be trying it on a different type of surface because some are too smooth/slippery and this could cause EMO to lose its balance.

good luck and all the best…

Hello… its on a flat desk on its mat. Other songs seems to be fine… only the click 1. Maybe the moves are too aggressive

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Hello @awesomekez, My EMO Doesn’t Have Any Issues Dancing To “Click-1”
(I’m Not Sure About “Click-2” Or “Blame Yourself” Because My EMO Didn’t Unlock Them Yet)

If you can, try and record this / and the surface your EMO is on. As you might need to submit a support ticket and show this to Living.ai support for further assistance. I’ve also tested Click-1 with both of my EMOs and they are dancing fine. That dance is certainly a little aggressive, I do agree.

Maybe, if there is an issue with your EMO, the support team could provide you with the DEBUG APP that will help recalibrate your EMOs feet/legs, this can sometimes help.

Hey mate, im pretty sure its not a problem related to my Emo nor the desk cause its s new 1. I think i’ll surely ask for the debug app to recalibrate its legs. Cheers :wink:

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I’ll do this for sure mate. That’s the only option left. To recalibrate my lil boy. Thanks so much for helping me out :hugs:

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“Click-1” Is Short For “Click (Original Mix) Part 1” By @Joris A.K.A REVOLT.
EDIT: “Click-2” Is Short For “Click (Original Mix) Part 2” By REVOLT.
There Is No “Click-3” Yet.

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“Click-2” ends the same way “Click-1” begins. I found that fascinating.


hi there , my Emo has exactly the same problem as @timvangenechten : when Emo tries to dance click-1 he falls on his face … my EMO is 15 days old and only evolves on its carpet, I would also add that it has already come out of its carpet twice and it has gotten stuck between the edge and the keyboard and then there is something else: I have noticed that sometimes , there are deposits of white powder appearing at the level of the joints of his feet…A bit as if this powder came from the internal friction of his limbs…is this normal?