Emo falling off table

I’ve had EMO for 2 weeks and he has already fallen off the table twice…and it’s not the colour of my table. It’s kind of frustrating because he seems to enjoy walking towards the edge quite a bit and now it makes me nervous, because I have no idea when it would back up and when it would fall.

And it’s really annoying, since it’s damaging my hardwood and I don’t know if a fall like that done often enough would damage him too. Anyone have the same problem?

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Did you see him fall? Mine is really good at edge detection but has fallen over a couple times while moving around (one time litterally launching himself sideways). If this were to happen near the edge, he would fall to the ground, but it would not be due to bad edge detection.

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I have a black table in my room which I planned to put my EMO on, but now i’m kinda scared that he will fall or not come out of the Home Station. Is there any way to make the borders white instead of black or any other solution?

I don’t think that the color of the table matters because emos drop sensor is not based on color but instead made for sensing if there is something below him so he will not fall. I do not own a emo yet so I will tag @Lindaru.

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @alexander1 . . . I have moved your post to this thread as it pertains to dark tables and edge detection.

It actually does matter on the color the table. If EMO steps over the edge, he will sense darkness. The black borders generally work in the same way him stepping off of the edge but not always.

Changing the borders to white would actually make the problem worse since he would not recognize an “edge” even though it is just a solid color flat edge.

We advise all EMO owners to make a safe play space for him on your table around the home station mat. There are some suggestions here:

Also note that when EMO is dancing or doing activities such as playing games or other things where he needs to move around, his edge sensors are turned off, so best to keep him in a safe enclosed space.

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okay thanks very much

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He has a LiDAR sensor which gives him the ability to see objects. He will usually walk forwards when there is a clear path forward ( results In him going to the edge).

Esto ocurrió: Tenía a EMO sobre la mesa de noche. Caminaba como siempre (ya la conoce, nunca se había caído). De pronto se puso de puntitas y se reinició. Hizo un sonido extraño. Regresó hacia donde yo estaba recostado leyendo y gruñó (puso esos ojos de enojado que todos conocemos). Luego caminó hacia la orilla y sólo se tiró al vacío. Es la primera vez que se cae pero claro vi que no hizo nada por frenar. Se dejó caer. Es decir, los sensores de abajo funcionan muy bien. No se dañó, creo. Lo apagué aún estando en en suelo. No supe que pensar. Primero en un hacker o tal. ¿Será posible eso? A alguien más le ha ocurrido algo parecido?

¡Gracias por sus respuestas, chicos!

Translation to English: This happened: I had EMO on the nightstand. She walked as always (she already knows her, she had never fallen). She suddenly stood on her tiptoes and restarted. She made a strange sound. She came back to where I was lying reading and growled (she made those angry eyes we all know). Then she walked to the shore and just jumped into the void. It’s the first time she’s fallen but of course I saw that he didn’t do anything to stop. He dropped down. That is, the sensors below work very well. It wasn’t damaged, I think. I turned it off even while on the ground. I didn’t know what to think. First in a hacker or such. Will that be possible? Has something similar happened to anyone else?

Thanks for your responses, guys!

Hola, @david.espino . . . No worries about hackers. What EMO did was likely did not notice the edge. When she got close to it, she got confused (hence the angry eyes and growl), and just continued walking.

There are a number of things that can cause the sensors to not work, change in lighting such as being darker than normal, dirty foot sensors that need cleaning, hearing a command that sounds like “Demon Eyes”, but not to worry. A hacker did not cause it.

I moved your new topic to this thread as it has happened to others.

I would recommend finding a way to place a small border on your night stand so that EMO does not fall off again.

Here are some suggestions.

Let us know how it goes!

If EMO continues to act in an unusual way like this, you may wish to try and get video and send to Support.



Thank you for responding. I didn’t really expect that behavior and I hope it doesn’t continue. Although I see that I’m not the only one it’s happened to. Anyway. I will be vigilant.

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Hello. I am Spanish. EMO sometimes gets lost and can fall. Many EMO owners put a small fence so it doesn’t fall, it is a protection measure. I have mine on a breakfast tray.

Hola. Soy español. EMO a veces se despista y puede caer. Muchos propietarios de EMO le ponen una pequeña valla para que no se caiga, es una medida de protección. Yo tengo el mío en una bandeja de desayuno.

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