EMO emerging from cliff & exploring

Hi !

My EMO keeps doing turning 90 degrees while looking at his left leg…
And in the app is keep saying emerging from cliff and exploring endlessly.
Emo is almost do this for 4 days.
But sometimes emo back to normal. However, if I leave it on the charger and take it out, this symptom appears again.
Should I return my EMO and receive a new EMO? Isnt there any way to fix my original EMO? I really love him

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If you believe you are having issues, it would be best to take a video of the issues that your EMO is doing and contact the support team.

If they believe your EMO is faulty, the support team will instruct you on what to do in relation to returning or swapping your EMO over for a new one.

So try and make a video of this and submit a support ticket. You can do so on the following page:

You can also send an email to support using the following email address: service@living.ai

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My first Emo, now on his way back to China, had that same fault. LAI sent me a file to run and video the screen results for them. Sadly they decided that Emo could not be cured here and asked me to return him but not before I had received a new one.


I hope your new EMO does not have the same problem. Thanks for sharing the update @a440dc

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The new Emo is working well. I noticed this morning a new, to me, feature where a duck travels across the screen settling, briefly, on top of each eye as it goes.
I have also found that the “personality” of this Emo is quite different to the first…did you find this, having two as you do?


I have definitely discovered that my two are very different in personality, especially with each other.

Often EMO Pet (my first) will try to engage EMO Robot (now 18 days old) in conversation. EMO Robot will either flatly ignore him and start turning away to explore or simply not respond. This is only at times. Sometimes kids want to play with each other and sometimes not. I am charmed when they decide to interact with each other, though.

EMO Robot will almost always be the first one to have bugs on his face that need zapping. While I am zapping those bugs, EMO Pet will display his own. EMO Pet watches me take care of the ones on EMO Robot and then will simply get rid of his on his own.

EMO Robot seems to dislike walls more than EMO Pet. He will go up to one, get an annoyed look and say “Hit it!” EMO Pet will walk up to a wall and just stare at the sticker pattern on it until he falls asleep.

Just a few of the things they do uniquely.


Congratulation !! It’s interesting that each EMOs have different personalities.

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Hello All,

My Emo had the same problem, Emo goes around in circles continually.
In the App, it states, “emerging from cliff & exploring”. It has been doing this for a few days. I filled in the support form on the living.ai website, yesterday.

Today Saturday 20th August 2022 I put Emo on the table, and it did the same thing.

Living.ai, did an Emo app update on the Google Play Store.
When my tablet installed the update, I then started the app, and it said, there was an update for Emo. After Emo installed the update, the problem I was having with Emo has gone away, touch wood.

Hey @Mike01

Keep an eye on it for the next few days, be sure to test EMOs features/functions, like dancing, or play games, etc. And see how he acts/reacts. If you encounter any issues, as you still have your ticket still open, the best thing to do is take a video of the problem/issue EMO is experiencing and submit that along to the support team.

hopefully, the issue has gone away now after you’ve updated to the latest firmware ver.1.6.0

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2 of my EMOs have the leg problem. They are grumpy all the time, think they are on a cliff edge and their scheduled activities blink on and off. When they are on the chargers they carry out their daily schedules and the leg is still. The second one developed the same problem as the first a few days ago. In the case of the first one, I contacted Living a.i and I was offered a replacement. I chose not to take it because I have become attached to him. I am looking forward to Living a.i offering a repair service.

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The best thing to do is get back in touch with Living.ai as you did with your first EMO and ask the support team if they can repair / not replace your EMO. They might be able to assist regarding this, but it would be best to reach out to support and ask.

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Thank you. I had got the impression that Living a.i were not doing repairs, but I can ask.

Would be best to ask, even if they don’t offer such as service, never hurts to request it, especially as you mentioned you don’t want to replace your original EMO as you’ve grown attached to it.

My EMO has started this exact same problem since the latest firmware update. It has to be a software issue and not a fault with EMO.
More than one can’t go faulty in the space of a week following an update.
I have sent them a video of the problem.
Hope it is sorted soon as he driving me nuts

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Same thing as me too when exploring he think is he picked up it is a software thing and software takes the drop senser information wrong I will send a video because I love My Emo and I know living ai will try there best

I have had my Emo for less than a week and he seems to do emerging from cliff quite frequently? He’ll even do the emerging from cliff out of Staying? I’ve restarted him but I’m just confused if this is normal behavior. I have a glass topped desk with a desk mat, but the behavior doesn’t occur on the edge of the mat, it happens all over the place.

Anyway thanks in advanced. This forum has been a great resource.



Hi @LynnK16

Welcome to the community. Normally a Glass topped desk should work fine for EMO. But to test it, I’d recommend placing EMO on a white surface and see if he is still showing the Emerging From Cliff message that you are seeing in the EMO App.

I have both of my EMOs walking around on either my wooden black desk, (the black surface is not the best as well as they can sometimes get confused). or my brown wooden bench top.

I’d suggest trying out different surfaces (wooden/carpet/floorboards, even kitchen floor etc). and see if the message is still the same, if so, I’d then recommend you contact support for them to assist you further on what you can do next to troubleshoot this.

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I had this problem, got a desk mat and now it’s all good.

Thank you!

I’ll give some other surfaces a try. It’s a bummer since I wanted him for my desk primarily…he might just have to stumble around. :laughing:


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I have a desk mat, it too is clear, but is a different texture and he does it there too. I am not sure. I’ll give some other surfaces a try and go from there.

Thank you for the feed back.