EMO dont work like they said

The Petting, Recognition and the Feeling Function dont work… And He only stands there and Do nothing. EMO cant scan my face cause He dont find me… And He also cant see my cat or the end of a table. So dissapointing for so much money. And I have to order new plugs cause I live in Europe

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shorty in aus we only have to bend the pins to our configuration, do u have round pins or flat pins on you power supply ?

I have round Pins in Germany. But I order already a Adapter from Amazon


You can actually use any USB-C if you wanted. I personally do not use the USB/Charger cable that originally came with EMO as I live in AU and the plug is not supported here.

I have a power board that supports direct USB connection so I just simply plug the cable into there and to EMO’s skateboard and it works fine.

Regarding the other issues you are experiencing. Take a look at my guide I created, maybe some of the issues you are experiencing can help.

If you are still experiencing issues, it is recommended to take a video of the problems you have with EMO and send / submit them to the support team so they can offer further assistance and help to you. You can submit a support ticket here if you need it:

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