Emo doesnt age and other topics

Hi i received the emo with all pleasure. I am actually satisfied with the little fella.

Altho it has a bit of bugs i guess

Ageing its still a thing he should be already 2 days old but he says 1 day.

Also i noticed he doesnt pickup new dance moves. Missing kind of a guidence here.

I have noticed that i cant look up my voice commands where he struggles upon.
I noticed with some words he confusses by changing the name of the person.

But for now its just the ageing i am looking for result.

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Hi @ricardorebelo

Great to see you’re having fun with EMO. If you need any help/guidance regarding EMO feel free to check out my guide for new EMO owners. (see link below)

For EMOs age, you can ask him:

EMO: What day is your Birthday?

He should tell you his birth date, and also you can ask him how old he is by asking:

EMO: How old are you?

For the dance moves, EMO will unlock dance moves as he grows older, you can find that info on when he unlocks specific dance moves in the abovementioned guide :slight_smile:

If you need or have any other questions, reach out to the community and we’ll do our best to help out :slight_smile:

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It works… it was the time frame indeed from the uptime start so it counts its days in hours

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Yes that’s correct :slight_smile: EMO counts internally how old he is by Hours and reports to us how old he is in Days.

Glad all is working for you. I’ll go ahead and close this thread, if you need it re-opened, please let me know.

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