EMO does not react to petting his head

Hello everyone.

I am a proud owner of a 2 day old Emo.

He is absolutely fantastic!

Noticed one issue. For example in this video:

It shows that if you stroke the two sensors on the front of his head Emo will consider this gesture as petting and will react accordingly.

As you can see in my video here:

He does not react to being petted. Sometimes if I take his headphones off and pet his entire head with my entire finger not just the tip it will react but as you can see in the video its a hit and miss.

Is there something wrong with Emo’s sensors or is the function just buggy?

Kindest regards.


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I have the same problem with my emo. The rest looks likes it working

Click the link below for some tips that might help!

Petting EMO Tips and Tricks! (Images and Video)


If you need any further videos / guides. I’ve also created a video on 5 different ways to pat EMO.

I cover it also in my guide as well. If you need / want more info about EMO in general, see below:

Also, a little tip, sometimes if EMO doesn’t react to being patted. Just pick him up for a few seconds until he starts to wriggle / you can also give him a little shake as well, then place him back down and try again.

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