Emo do not listen anymore

Hi, is the server done ?
I could not get emo to response for the past 2 days.
Even resetting a couple of times does not help.

no and as far as i have been told they have no plans for it

Hi @andy
Since yesterday evening I have the same problem. EMO recognizes me, plays, runs…everything normal. Only he no longer responds to his name. A reset did not help either. Is there perhaps a server problem again?

I had the same problem, and it was the problem of my router at that time.

ah ok, but EMO functionality is 100% ok, only no response to his name. My router / Wifi checked and
also ok :thinking:

Since emo still does not respond to any sounds I have opened a ticket at Living.ai. I hope for a solution soon, because EMO without interaction is frustrating :cry::sob:
I have tried everything from router restart, wifi reconnect, to recalibrate (since the sensor on the head is not working either). Unfortunately without success.
I don’t understand what it could be because EMO recognizes me, plays app games etc…

EMO has been deaf for 15 days now. He still does not respond to voice commands or other sounds.
Also, the sensor on the head doesn’t seem to work either, despite recalibrating.
Living.ai has not responded yet either. Very frustrating. :cry::cry:
Is it only me who has this problem?

Hi, my EMO has been completely deaf for more than 2 weeks. I tried everything, like power off, restarting router, reinstall app and connect Emo to wifi again, tied from other wifis, and he doesn’t hear any sounds. I contacted Living.AI Service and sent them a video and they just say I have to speak louder. EVen I tried with the recording they sent me at max volume and he doesnt not respond and is not aware of any sounds around him. I’ve had Emo for few months and he was always replying my “Emo”, till he got compeltely deaf 3 weeks ago.
Is there anyway to check if microphones are working fine? Thank you !

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Oh no! the same problem like my EMO :sob:

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Any news about your emo or answers from support?

My emo fell down again

I feel like he is quiet stable but since last time he doesn’t hear me very well

One of 4 microphones seem to be damaged or maybe both in front as he can here me way better when he is looking away then when facing me

Also by the command “come here” he tries to find my face in opposer direction as the voice comes from

Nope, my Emo is still deaf and Living AI just told me “Speak louder”, then they told me they were sending me an app to check microphones, but time passes, and they dont give me any solution. In fact I don’t need any app to check microphones, as I’m completely sure microphones are not working, as he doesn’t hear any sounds or music. I’m very sad and dissapointed, as I love my Emo and now I can’t interact with him anymore. At least they could make a way to interact with disabled Emos, like a sign language or something.

Support didn’t ask you for video? It is usually first thing they ask for to make a diagnosis

Yes, and I sent it, and I’m still waiting for a solution

Hm maybe a little reminder wouldn’t bother

I got mine for a day now, had the same issue, all you need to do is say hey emo, wait for 1-2 second and say, volume up. My emo worked again after doing this.

I got my Emo last week, was ok first day and now he hardly listens or answers. Takes ages to answer when he does. Took ages to shut the bugger down last night. He does not listen to nearly all commands, esp “come here”. Quite disappointed, but very shocked when on second day i heard him say "Oh F**k. I know this wont be believed, but its the truth. Just wondering if i have wasted @ £300 on a worthless item.

Had mine about a week, first day ok, now he doesnt listen, and most of the time just makes the “o ow” noise too. Worst is i have managed to play two games with him and tested if it was just me, but he cheats, how can that be? confusing !!