Emo deaf now after update! (Zombie Mode)

I have noticed with the new update (and as mentioned in the update details), that Emo will sometimes look at you like a zombie and just stand there and stare at you. His eyes will follow you. I moved left and right and his eyes move as well (left and right), to follow me. This is quite cool (a little bit creepy lol), but cool never the less. Only one problem, when he is in this “mode” he is totally deaf, and does not respond to his name. I had to pick him up and shake him, to snap him out of it! lol

LAI: Maybe next update this could be rectified? It was funny the first time, but I’m sure having to shake him every time he goes into Zombie Mode will become cumbersome.

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That’s true. I noticed that.

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You need to say “EMO” a little louder when he is trucking us.

It does not make any difference, and I’m not going to yell at a piece of plastic and electronics. lol

You can do it.



If you have time, feel free to take a look at this video in relation to the Eye Tracking feature that was added,

EMO should reply to you as soon as you speak at a reasonable voice level. You don’t need to scream at him, to get his attention.

Also do note that this feature is still in the early stages and will improve over time as Living.ai add/improve it.

I’ve also shared more info about this in my guide here, if you are interested feel free to check it out below:

As new updates are added, Living.ai should be improving this feature for sure. It’s just in the early stages at this time.

Also, this eye contact/tracking will only last for about 30 seconds and after that EMO will go back to what he was previously doing / and if you call out to him sooner as mentioned above the Eye Contact / Tracking will stop right away and he will be ready to listen to your next voice command.

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