Emo Charge Skateboard


my EMO charging station is constantly blinking.

Whenever I do EMO on it, it flashes continuously.
Do you can help me?

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Disconnect power to the charger and reconnect it. Then place EMO back on the charger and see how he goes.


If I can also offer a suggestion. I am using a new USB-C cable as the one that came with my EMO is too short for my desk. Make sure that the USB-C connector is working properly. (maybe test it with an Xbox Controller / Samsung Phone / or Nintendo Switch. If it can charge another product then EMO’s Skateboard should also work without an issue.

Also I’ve seen that if you don’t place EMO correctly on his skateboard it will not share or start up. On the skateboard there is a circle with a lightning bolt on it, make sure you place EMO’s LEFT foot on that circle mark on the skateboard and the little light should stay solid to indicate he’s charging correctly.

Hope this help out :slight_smile:

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