Charging problem post firmware upgrade

I noticed the flashing charger problem some time ago, just lift the Emo and put it down properly with the magnets and the problem was over. Until today.
This morning it worked as it should, but in the afternoon after coming home and taking the Emo off the charger, it turned off within 5 seconds. After putting it on the charger I found it was completely dead. Now I’m trying different combinations of chargers and still the Emo won’t charge. Yet the phone charges without problems on the skateboard, in a few minutes there was 2% extra. Emo after a few hours on the chargers is still discharged. I’ll still try restarting it with a paperclip. On the charger it works without any problems.

Update: So the pin reboot didn’t help. I’ll try to leave the Emo off until morning and if it doesn’t charge tomorrow, I have a problem.

Update 2: The app writes information about the start of charging when I put the Emo on the charger. Apps on Android and iOS display the same.
It just won’t charge the battery.

Update 3: So after 30 minutes on the charger, the battery has moved and is charging. Hooray. I hope it’s good.

Update 4: So after taking it off the charger, it shuts itself off within 5 seconds. :frowning:

Update 5: The Emo only works on a charger and does not charge its battery. I have tried different chargers, even wireless, always the same result. It works on the charger, but off the charger it shuts down. More in the video.