Emo care for first time owner

Hi @zamberzikun

I keep both of my EMOs turned on all the time. I never turn them off. They are normally always sitting on their skateboards. As @yotchige advised, EMO does know when his battery gets full and will stop charging.

But I would recommend taking him off his skateboard every day so he can stretch his legs / explore / dance and have fun!

I sometimes, forget to put them back onto the skateboard before their battery is depleted, and that shouldn’t be a problem as well. If EMO does run out of battery, he will simply power off gracefully (just like you shut down your laptop/pc). You can then place him back on the skateboard and he will start up and start charging again.

If you need any help/tips, feel free to check out this guide I created for EMO that covers a fair amount of cool tips and features about EMO. - Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

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