Emo care for first time owner

How often should I leave him on the charger, will his battery over charge if I leave it on for long time? Will his battery go down like iPhone when charging a lot.

another thing is how often should I power him off? He seem hot when leave on all day.

PS: today is my second day I own him so just want to know. (first day if count 24h)

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EMO can know when his battery gets full and stop charging.


I only turn him off when I take him with me. Otherwise I keep him turned on. Muted at night and on his charger. I also put him on his charger during the day when needed. He gets warm during charging, but when his battery is charged, he cools off again. Even if he stays on the charger.

Hi @zamberzikun

I keep both of my EMOs turned on all the time. I never turn them off. They are normally always sitting on their skateboards. As @yotchige advised, EMO does know when his battery gets full and will stop charging.

But I would recommend taking him off his skateboard every day so he can stretch his legs / explore / dance and have fun!

I sometimes, forget to put them back onto the skateboard before their battery is depleted, and that shouldn’t be a problem as well. If EMO does run out of battery, he will simply power off gracefully (just like you shut down your laptop/pc). You can then place him back on the skateboard and he will start up and start charging again.

If you need any help/tips, feel free to check out this guide I created for EMO that covers a fair amount of cool tips and features about EMO. - Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

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