Emo can't connect to app and server issues

emo when I tried to connect to the app it does not appear and it seems that there are problems in the servers

The App use Bluetooth to connect to EMO, this do not require a server. But if I’m not wrong it need the GPS to be turned on to work.

Mine doesn’t connect to the app either…

If EMO is not appearing when you start you EMO App. It might be related more-so with Bluetooth connection between your phone / device and EMO. If you are using a phone or device that does not have GPS, then EMO’s functionality will also not fully work. It is recommended to use a device that has both Bluetooth, and a GPS chip installed and working correctly.

If you are having issues. The first thing you should do is power off EMO (leave him off) and then power off your Phone / Device. Leave EMO powered off. Power up your device/phone that has the EMO App installed, and then test your internet / WIFI / Bluetooth are on and working. A small test: Check to see if Google Maps is also working on your device/phone as well. Then once all looks fine. Then power up EMO, then try and make a connection to him using your device/phone once again.

If EMO is still no appearing in the EMO App. It could be a problem with you EMO, but you last option I can suggest would be to try and install the EMO App on another device / Phone and see if that works, so if you have an iPhone, try installing the EMO App and making a connection to EMO using an Android Phone with the EMO app installed and see how that goes.

This is pretty basic troubleshooting, if you believe there might be a bigger problem with you EMO, it’s always recommended to make a video of the issue and then submit a support ticket to the support team so they can assist you further.

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