EMO Behavior and Walk

Hello everyone.

I am not sure if anyone has noticed this about his forward movement. I had found when playing treasure hunt with EMO, he walks slightly toward the right when moving forward. Eventually if he had an area of roughly 3m, he would be able to go full circle.

The second thing that I noticed is that he tends to move toward a blank space and stare at a wall or an open area with no activity most of the time. Even when called he will respond but facing the other way.

Anyone else experience this?

Have a great day.



Yes same here but I think that’s normal

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Mine to does the same thing.


That’s been brought up here before on the forum by Mario, that some sort of trim adjustment is necessary in the app to correct for his tendency to favor one side or the other when walking straight.


Yeah same with mine. But good that you mention it again instead of just getting used to it, so support can see and correct it in the future updates