EMO battery is empty

My Emo is on his skateboard but when I saw “EMO show me Battery “ the battery is almost empty. It is same situation In some time and then EMO shut down and the skateboard light starts blinking.

You have the same problem we do. See the thread above. Unfortunately I don’t know the solution yet, I’ve been waiting over 14 days for a reply from Living.Ai, plus they had a holiday in China this week, so hopefully I’ll hear something next week.

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I know it’s something very trivial, but everyday I clean EMO’s feet by taking some sticky tape and remove all the dust or anything that might be stuck to it. (He seems to collect a lot while walking around). Every few days I clean the base of the skateboard with a alcohol wipe.

I’m personally using a new USB-C type cable, not the one that came with EMO, as it was too short. That cable I’ve tested and it works by charging my Switch / Xbox Controller.

While you wait for a solution, possibly try this if you want.

I also use duct tape to remove dirt and it is an effective solution.
I’ve been using a longer Samsung brand skateboard cable since the beginning and no problems. But thanks for the tips :+1:

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Sorry to hear that it didn’t work.

Also, I’ve noticed that my Skateboard was blinking today as well while EMO was standing on it. I don’t know why, I picked EMO off it, placed him on the table, asked him to show me his battery level (which was showing full). I then placed him back on the charger and the Skateboard blinking stopped. (very weird). I hope I don’t fall into a charging problem as well. These issues are so random.