EMO battery does not charge anymore

Hey man, did you get your problem fixed? Any support actually helped you fix your EMO? If you received a faulty robot or components within it, as a customer you should be able to send it back and receive a fully functional EMO or get a full refund. That’s only fair.

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They told me that they will send me a new emo and that they will send me the tracking number…after more than a week I didn’t receive any tracking…let’s wait…


That’s great news then! I’m glad they’ve responded to you & you’ll just have to wait a bit more but at least you’ll be getting a brand new EMO! :blush:


Oh sorry was on vacation and had barely read the forum.

It can always take a few days until you get an answer, because they always have an increased mail. :slight_smile:


My issue was seen to and sorted very quickly. Thank you living ai. They sent me a replacement skateboard and charge cable and as a lovely gesture included a cow outfit which was very kind