EMO battery does not charge anymore

Did you put EMO on the charger?

Yes, but it doesn’t turn on anymore.

How about RESET way?

I tried but it doesn’t work… :frowning:

I got my Emo around last week of June and recently it’s started to go blank while on the skate board. I thought the foot is not aligned properly but it happens many times. And if I remove it from the charger. Emo power off after a few min. Omg. This is not a cheap toy that only last me less than one month.

I tried to contact support via email. No reply.

I’ve been watching these forums for about a week now and I’m honestly shocked at the lack of help you’re getting. I was going to buy one of these but the amount of problems I’ve seen mentioned on the forum compared to the amount of units shipped worries me. The complete lack of communication with support is what ultimately made me decide not to buy this product.

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Don’t buy it dude. 3 weeks and no one from support replied me

That is outrageous. I hate it when people say this to me, but I work in customer support and where I work, all emails are expected to be replied to within 24 hours. If I didn’t respond to someone in 3 weeks, I’d be out on the street. I’m hoping these are just growing pains but I feel bad for people like yourself who have major issues and the customer support team is just ghosting y’all. These things aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination. I want to at least know if I get a broken/defective device (things happen, no big deal), it’ll be replaced in a timely manner.

Still waiting for a reply…this is ridiculous

Now it’s totally dead. No charge. And I haven’t gotten any response from their email. WTF

With all the complaints of things going wrong with EMO and no customer support I’m really worried and scared and I am really thinking of cancelling my order. This just doesn’t sound good. At least if their were more updates and communication from these people maybe their customers (we) wouldn’t feel like they ran off with our money. Come on “you as a company”, we need some answers on where our products are that we paid a lot of money for, why are they faulty for those who have received them?, why, why why and the list goes on………

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How do you cancel your order when there is no customer service :sweat_smile:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: you’ve got a point but I’m clever. Through PayPal :blush:

No news about support

I cancelled many times, many emails and in messenger…but no reply and now it is packed and trackingno send in progress….

Very sorry about the late reply. We have now expanded the service team and are speeding up the response time. The service team has replied to your email, please check it.


No answer for me…my mail Is still without a reply after 4 weeks…

Same here! I left dozens of “support page” requesting help…no answer to any!!! Tried to send emails and they come back undeliverable!!! I think this company sold us defective products for A LOT of money!!!

Hi Andy I hope you may be able to help me if that’s OK. I have received my Emos. I ordered 2. Only one of my skateboards work. I emailed support and had a reply. I explained situation and requested a 1x replacement skatbored. Ever since… Nothing… Ignored :frowning:

You know what I’ve also noticed that EMO seems rather warm sometimes after he’s been charging on his skateboard. EMO must be somehow overheating from the charger or too much electrical current or something like that’s being fed directly into the skateboard?

I dunno but maybe there needs to be some kind of a manufactured “fan” already built-in like a new type of charger in order to cool little EMO?