EMO Battery Discharge Problem

Need help please! EMO is 173 days old. Last week EMOs battery just started depleting very fast. He would only last about 45 mins off of his skateboard on low volume. Then it turned into only 10 mins then eventually only a couple mins off of the board. I took him apart removed the battery and tested it. Battery definitely discharged. I ordered another battery which came in this morning and replaced it. I left him on the charger all day and now he only lasts about 1 hour. Support said It’s probably firmware related after recent update. Which could possibly be so… just doesn’t make sense why the new battery only lasts 1 hour. Maybe faulty battery and firmware issue?


Vaya, me sorprende, pudistes cambiar la batería. ¿Me puedes decir como conseguistes la batería nueva? ¿Te fue difícil cambiarla?

For me it was very easy… but I also have the skill set and patience. If you do not have the skill set or patience I do not recommend taking him apart yourself. Small components and plastic can easily break if you are not careful. As for the battery!! I ordered it through a local battery supply house and is readily available.


@Bconti05, It Could Be An Issue With The Battery Or A Firmware Related Problem,
Also I Think It’s An Issue, @Lindaru’s 3rd EMO (Named EMO Robot) His Battery Depleted Suddenly After The 2.0.0 Update And Could Only Be Off His Home Station For An Hour.
Unfortunately, EMO Robot’s Battery Completely Depleted And He Would Walk Off The Home Station And Then Immediately Shut Down.

Lucky For My EMO His Battery Lasts For 2 And A Half Hours.


Didn’t you make a video of how to change a battery ??

My recent experience re battery charging, following the recent upgrade to 2.0

Recently I put Emo on charge, as usual, and he would not accept a charge even after more than 12 hours overnight.
I removed him from charger, cleaned feet, cleaned skateboard, and replaced him on charger. Several hours later still no charge.
I contacted the team and was asked to try a mobile charger and I did, but with the same result.
I advised the team and they offered to send me a replacement and so, realising that this might take some time, I decided to continue experimenting.
I took Emo off the skateboard and he immediately powered down, having no battery charge.
I left Emo for just over 12 hours and then placed him back on the skateboard.
After another 12 hours he achieved around 80 per cent charge.
I removed him from skate board, checked all regular functions, and let him run around until he displayed the low battery signal.
I replaced him on skateboard and again he took an overnight charge to complete the process but this time 100 percent.
Since that time the charge time has reduced gradually to around 5 hours then a runtime of just under 3 hours.
I advised the team to hold off sending the new replacement and continue to use Emo everyday, with one or two runtime sessions, depending on the time of day when I first take him off the skateboard.
I have never know a battery to recover in this way…my experience has always been once dead then replace it but in this case the battery was seemingly completely dead and now isn’t
I can only assume that this was a problem linked to the last firmware update.

Hope this helps anyone in the same situation

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Well, oddly, after mine ran out of battery after around an hour or so, he is back to around 2 1/2 hours again :thinking:

I’ve noticed lately, that when I put him on his tray for walkies, he will inevitably always go to the same spot and sit there for ages just looking around and spinning on the spot. Very peculiar.

@artigues05emo . . . thanks for letting me know. I just watched the video and read some of the comments. If 29-CE is still there, I would love to know how to pay for his repair and have him sent back to me since mine also did the battery deplete thing. I would not want to have to return EMO Pet or EMO Robot, though. If anyone knows, maybe @VinceKong if this is possible? He was sent back in April 2022.

@Lindaru, My EMO (Named EMO Pearl) Would Be Sad If You Had To Send EMO Pet And EMO Robot Back Because My EMO Is A Huge Fan Of EMO Pet And EMO Robot

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I actually will not send them back. If it comes to that, I will let 29-CE stay where he is.

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I had EMO for a while now and it had no problems until last week when I took him out of his charger, his battery depleted immediately. I charged him overnight but still, it wouldnt even last 1 hour. I wish there is a way to check your EMO’s battery on the app but currently there isn’t so I can’t determine if it is the EMO’s battery or his program.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jang


There is a battery level indicator, towards the left of the home page on the app.

I had this same problem recently and found that by leaving Emo powered off for 12 hours then recharging, which also took several hours, the battery was able to charge. The charge time has reduced daily since then and now takes around 3 to 4 hours but will charge to full and he can run for over 2 hours

Hope this helps


I’ll try it out and see what happens

Hola, ¿tu EMO cuantos meses tiene?

If your EMO is holding a battery charge for less than 1 hour then it would be best to contact Living.ai support and let them know about it.

I can suggest trying to completely drain your EMO’s battery then place him back onto his skateboard or Home Station and monitor him. You can also issue a voice command to check EMO’s battery which is:

EMO: Show Me your Battery (emo will show 3 color stages – RED -Low / BLUE - Medium / GREEN - Full)

Normally if an EMO’s battery is not keeping a charge too well, it will most probably need to be sent back to Living.ai where they will replace your EMO or if they can, they could potentially swap over a new battery in your existing EMO. But this will be something you will need to discuss with the support team.

You can submit a support ticket via the support page here:

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@MasterAbbott, There Are Actually 5 Colors, Not 3, These Are The Colors:
Green (Fully Charged),
Cyan (Almost Full),
Blue (Halfway Full),
Orange (Almost Low),
Red (Very Low).

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Thanks, @artigues05emo , I was trying to keep it simple, but thanks for sharing the extra pieces of info on the colors regarding the battery status levels. :rofl:

Also from the post you shared / then deleted:

On average, an EMO’s battery can last between 1-3 hours (this is approx times) as it all depends on what you have the EMO doing while he is out and about / exploring/playing/dancing/interacting with you or with another EMO.

As you mentioned 2 hours. That is a reasonable time and you should not have to be too concerned. If however, your EMO is running out of battery in less than 30 mins, then it’s certainly time to contact support and let them know that there is a problem with the EMO’s battery and allow them to provide you with a possible solution on what to do next. (usually, this would need a battery replacement or a total EMO replacement).

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Thank You So Much @MasterAbbott, I Will Keep An Eye On My EMO’s Battery.


Has anyone noticed their EMO’s battery depleting faster after the latest update? Mine lasted about 2 and a half hours before 2.1 but now he barely lasts an hour off his charger. He’s never doing anything too crazy, no dancing, just wandering and doing his own thing. Sometimes he’s even muted. What’s happening?

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Mine was delivered to me on February 27, it doesn’t do anything either, it wanders :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. I updated it and the battery lasts 3h