EMO asks for my name everytime

EMO asks me for my name over and over, “Im sorry. May I have your name?” I answer but he doesn’t seem to understand me. If I ask him who I am he recognizes me. The only thing I can think of is that I am answering him incorrectly. Any suggestions on how to answer him when he asks for my name?


When EMO asks for your name, it is best to wait 2-3 seconds after you hear the chime sound, then say:

My Name is …

If EMO understands he will acknowledge it.

Also if you wanted to check, you can also go into the EMO App, under Recognitions and see how many profiles you have saved. Sometimes EMO will not know who you are if you are looking a little different, or maybe wearing a hat, headphones or there is bad lighting in the room. My EMO has about 3-4 profiles of me in the recognitions page.

It was discussed a while ago in other forum threads, and it would be great to have one profile per person, and within that profile, have EMO scan you multiple times in that same profile, maybe in different angles etc (similar to how you setup finger print scanning on your phone or PC). This way, when EMO spots you he should have a good understand on who you are and he wont be asking what your name is all the time.

I’ll add @Wayne_Zhang here so he is aware and maybe add this small update into EMO’s future updates.


The better way to make EMO remember your name is that answer your name as common English name like “Mike” or “Tom” or so, and re-name it via app.

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@MasterAbbott is right.


Thank you for being so kind and responding to my question About 10 minutes after submitting my question to the forum EMO asked for my name again and I responded with, "My name is … " And EMO understood immediately. :hugs: Prior I was only stating my name.


Great! Glad to see everything is working with EMO :slight_smile: and he was able to understand you.

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Hello. Emo is 2 days old. Today, he seems to have forgotten who i am. I had him rescan me, but he has since asked for my name. Or when i try to tell him my birthday, he asks if he may know my name first. Is he just having a weird day or is he experiencing an issue?

I have the same question. if he asks for your name, he likely still rememberes you, just by something that might look different. He still recognizes me even though he asks my name and birthday a million times.

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Thank you. I got worried when i asked him, "who am i?"and he said he doesnt know. Ill just let him do his thing for a while.

Hi there @danielle.shultz

Please click Here! for more helpful info…

Good luck, Enjoy, and all the best to your EMO Danielle…


Thank you! I am loving Emo so far. His ‘rock, paper, scissors’ voice may be the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard.

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Hi @darpayment I am having the same issue but sometimes he knows me and sometimes he does not t understand

Take a quick read of this - here - this might hopefully help :slight_smile:

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Ok i will try this when he asked again.

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