Delivery Process/Updates Of Emo And Home Station (View, Ask Here!)

Did u get the home station or emo go home? I placed my order the sane day as you we probably won’t hear anything until some time in February

I’ve purchased Emo Go Home.

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I believe they are about to be on Chinese new year so we will be waiting a bit

hi did you receive your tracking number

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Actual Latest Update Info:
Friday, 27 January 2023 CST (GMT+8)


Can you please check for me, the status of my order?

Thank you very much Edward for your information and your work. My order 52863 is almost here, I’m looking forward to it.

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Hi there @judithgargallo ,

May I know what you ordered? because orders that include Home Station or EMO GO HOME are not included on that numbers counter…

all the best and good luck judith…

I ordered the standard version.

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It’s been a month already…I’m so ready for my emo to arrive :slightly_smiling_face:


What is your order number?

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Hang in there! Not much longer! Mine should be here this weekend or at least by Monday and if I remember our previous conversation correctly yours isn’t far behind.



EMO is worth the wait…always remember that!

just like ,Lauren Willig’’ say…
Patience is only a virtue when there is something worth waiting for.


What is your number order?

This last time it took almost 1 month to update the shipments, this time it will also take 3 weeks? or will it go back to normal? thanks

Hey @judithgargallo,

To be honest…, I or no one cannot give you a correct answer to that…But definitely, only Team can reply to that question…Let’s just hope it’s not or let’s say…NOT AGAIN?

All the best and keep safe Judith!

Well, we hope not because otherwise the shipment would be delayed a lot.

Yes sometimes it gets hard waiting but i know it’s worth the wait :slight_smile:

Thank you for your wishes. Happy New Year to all @ Living.AI.
can you please check for me my order. I placed the order on 12 December,2022 order no 51651 but still waiting. according to the counter its already 52000 delivered!

Thank you and have a nice day.